4 Steps You Should Take To Stop Harassment

Harassment has fast become a widespread issue as modern forms of interaction spread. An important thing to remember is that it’s NEVER your fault. You are the victim in this situation, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t actions you can take in order to protect yourself against harassment.

To offer yourself the very best opportunity of getting the unwanted texts to stop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Document and compile the texts

For someone to investigate the harassment, you’re going to have to keep a record of the text messages. Each time the individual that’s harassing you sends you a message, ensure that you take a screenshot of it. Equally as important are your replies telling the person to stop harassing you.

After you’ve taken your screenshots, reach out to your cell phone carrier or sign in to your online account, and get your text message data. They keep time-stamped records of how many texts are sent and received by any number.

Step 2: Organize the texts

After you have compiled your screenshots and text information from your service provider, you’ll want to get them arranged in a format which will make it easy for a detective to understand.You don’t want your evidence to get misplaced in a pile on a detective’s desk. Make sure your contact details are noticeably displayed, and create a duplicate for yourself.

Step 3: Report it to law enforcement

Start by going to your local police station. Once you arrive at the police station, ask to speak to a detective, not an officer. Detectives are able to investigate specific cases, while officers respond to suspicious activity. If you aren’t able to talk to a detective, make sure you get their business card and give them a call later on. Concentrate on what’s vital for them to know, and try not to be emotional.

Remember that as a parent you can report harassing text messages on behalf of your child.

Step 4: Hire a private investigator

If the local police department can’t help you, get the help of a private investigator. Handling online (and offline) harassers is a frequent request for private investigators. The most important thing a private investigator does to stop harassment is to help identify the criminal, and pass that information on to the police force if they haven’t been able to find the perpetrator on their own. This is an essential part of getting and enforcing court orders to end the harassment.

Whether or not you choose to use a private investigator, remember that there is always something you can do about harassment.