Do private investigators work with the police?

Most of us have been conditioned by the movies and detective series we watch to believe that private investigators are always trying to play their cards close to the chest when it comes to sharing evidence of any crime with the police, and that they break the law with impunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  Private investigators often share information and work alongside the police in criminal investigations, which cover everything from fraud to murder.  The police have very strict rules they have to abide by in every move they make while investigating a crime, however, a private investigator is not bound by these rigid restrictions and can use the leeway they have to assist the police.

This does not mean that private investigators have carte blanche to break the laws that apply to the police force, they also do have a code to adhere to in their industry, and they are by no means above the law.

As you will find with King Investigators, for any evidence to stand up in court, or to provide the police with enough evidence to bring about an arrest, an investigator has to be well versed in tactics used during surveillance and the regulatory compliance expected in the investigations industry.

King Investigators is a thoroughly professional organisation with over twenty years worth of experience in surveillance under the belt; they are highly trained in their craft and strictly adhere to the regulations that govern just how far they are allowed to go to gather information without compromising the evidence.

Evidence gathered by a private investigator has to be as solid as it does for the police, if it is illegally obtained; it is worth nothing, which is why it is essential for any business or private individual wanting to hire a private investigator to do a thorough background check, which includes ensuring that they are registered, before taking the first step.

In an industry that has unfortunately been plagued by a few too many ‘shady’ operators, King Investigators offers you confidentiality, experience and a commitment to exceptionally high standards across a comprehensive range of investigative services, which is why they stand head above shoulders of the rest!