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King investigators have been in the private investigations industry for twenty years, bringing to each investigation they do, whether for private individuals or businesses, a wealth of invaluable experience that provides incontrovertible evidence of any wrongdoing, without compromising any investigation with unlawful or intrusive actions.

Being a South African based private investigations company, King Investigators has an intimate knowledge of the areas in which they carry out investigations and, as locals, they are able to deal with the specific challenges that come with the territory, especially in terms of carrying out round-the-clock surveillance in hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, casinos and shopping malls.

If you are considering retaining the services of a private investigator it is essential to check into the background, experience and scope of investigative services they are able to carry out before you take them into your confidence.

King Investigators are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority of South Africa), which has never had to deal with any complaint brought against King Investigators, a reputation trusted by many overseas investigators who maintain close ties to King Investigators for when they need a team they can rely on to do a thoroughly professional investigation when their cases extend into South Africa!

Training programs in the art of undercover operations, counterintelligence or any of the tactics used during various investigations, including remaining plugged in to the latest in technology and equipment designed for investigative work, is key to the success enjoyed by King Investigations and the trust placed in this team by many satisfied clients.

King Investigators is also one of the largest surveillance based investigative firms in South Africa, which gives them the manpower and ability to handle cases at a moment’s notice nationwide, offering direct and immediate contact with investigators, who will always keep you fully informed with any updates as they occur on assignment.

There is absolutely nothing seedy about King Investigators, they are in a class of their own in terms of sheer professionalism, unrivalled integrity and honesty – video evidence and reports are delivered timeously and accurately with absolute attention to detail.

Whether you need investigators to carry out business investigations, tracing, debugging (which can be vital with the technology available today) or background checks, as well as gathering evidence on cheating spouses, King Investigators have the necessary experience to carry out every type of investigation possible.

Twenty years’ worth of combined, invaluable experience is the quality you can expect from any form of private investigation carried out by King Investigations, and the ability of this team to adapt to any situation and respond appropriately is very much a part of the reason for the trust that is placed in King Investigations by many individuals and businesses in South Africa.

While there may be many who will never need the services of a private investigator, there are also many people who hire private investigators as a matter of routine before tackling any project, on a business level or on a personal level, and they expect results that are honest and transparent.

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