Partner with King Investigations to protect your business with expert business investigations.

Most people associate private investigators with cases involving infidelity or divorce and custody cases, however, there is another important role played by investigators, and that is in the business world, for a variety of reasons.

Many businesses and major corporations ensure that they have a good working relationship with a trusted investigator who can be called in to manage a myriad of business issues only an investigator has the experience to undertake.

An experienced investigations company like King Investigators is a valuable resource for any business or organisation that wants to protect their company from fraud, theft or corporate espionage, in fact, from anything that may have a negative impact on a good business reputation!

King Investigators have close business ties with companies who call on them regularly to carry out thorough background investigations into potential employees, especially if the position is on an executive level.

In order for any business to take disciplinary action against an employee for anything that impacts the business negatively, such as theft, fraud, drug abuse or the sharing of confidential company information with competitors, any evidence collected needs to be done by professionals who are able to go undercover, or take whatever steps are necessary to provide positive proof that cannot be denied or disputed legally.

Retaining a private investigations company with a trusted reputation and many years’ worth of experience in the industry, such as King Investigators, makes taking remedial action on any level of your business straightforward – you know that you can access your investigator with ease and it is a relationship that is based on trust.

King Investigators has the experience of twenty years in the industry to back up every form of investigation undertaken; these are experts who have been highly trained and are veterans at carrying out investigations that include everything from debugging your boardroom or offices to polygraph tests and voice stress analysis tests.

In any investigation, be it private or business, it is important to note that King Investigators are able to access information from many different sources that are not available to the general public, which includes the experience and ability to carry out comprehensive research and detailed data analysis in order to establish strong enough proof to allow a business to build an airtight case.

In business and corporate investigations, King Investigators have the experience to infiltrate your business in an undercover role, either as an employee or as a consultant, in order to discover whether there is in fact any threat to your corporate assets, proof of employee dishonesty or theft, as well as whether there is any threat of internal or external embezzlement in your business.

We live in an age of information technology, and in order to remain on top of information flowing in and out of your business, and maintain your success, there will be information that is not easy to access if you are not a licenced investigator.

If you are running a business that employs a large staff, retaining the services of professionals like King Investigators and developing a relationship built on trust would be a sensible decision, especially when you can count on King Investigators to manage business investigations on many different levels.

When you need a team of professional business investigators you can rely on to carry out everything from financial and background investigations to counterintelligence and undercover investigations to protect your business, prepare in advance by retaining the services of King Investigators, who will then be able to deal with any of these issues quickly and effectively before any further damage is caused to your business!