Need polygraph testing, lie detector testing or background checks for employees?

The days of employing someone on the strength of a good CV and references are unfortunately long gone, and on the back of high unemployment rates and a pretty steep economic downturn, even the best of people may be tempted to turn to dishonest methods of finding a job, or, even reach a level of such desperation that they start dipping their fingers into the till.

There are also many people who are just downright dishonest and have absolutely no conscience whatsoever, people who can look others in the eye and lie so convincingly that you begin to question that little voice that is tugging you away from instincts that are telling you otherwise.

With the growth of technology, sophisticated surveillance cameras have become a part of daily life, especially in large companies that employ hundreds of people in a factory, warehouse or retail store, in an effort to cut down on what for many companies have been major losses in the past due to theft, yet they still experience losses of various types, which often calls for undercover investigators or polygraph testing to get to the bottom of it all.

Staying with how technology has entered into the business world, sensitive and private information about a company, as well as trade secrets, can be bought from employees, especially those who are in positions that give them access to information like this on computers.

Many larger corporations or companies involved in industries that include product design and patenting, have a working relationship with a firm of private investigators they know they can rely on to deliver honest and professional evaluations on employees, and even make sure that anyone becoming a board director or shareholder is completely above board before they join the company.

King Investigators has become an integral part of many companies, big and small, for many years now, assisting employers with background checks, polygraph testing and lie detector testing, and these companies all know that they can rely on the results of any investigation undertaken by King Investigators to be completely reliable.

If the police services are unable to verify certain aspects of statements made by suspects in crimes, or victims and witnesses, through conventional methods, they will bring in the team from King Investigators to assist with polygraph testing and voice stress analysis, bringing together good old fashioned police investigative methods and science in order to close a case successfully.

King Investigators have over 20 years’ worth of surveillance and investigative experience, becoming a trusted, successful company based on a strong code of ethics, experience, and initiative. These are all essential qualities if you are to be sure that the private investigators you are dealing with are true professionals who understand the importance of sticking to the rules of surveillance and undercover investigation.

Because most people, honest or not, are not comfortable with polygraph tests or voice stress analysis tests, King Investigators understand the need for good communications skills tempered with a level of compassion and discretion when they take any employee through these tests, and the information gathered by King Investigators will offered with the highest level of expertise.

King Investigators go the full distance in their ability to carry out any form of investigation in addition to polygraph testing, voice stress analysis and background checks, and any report or video evidence presented by this team will be honest and the proof incontrovertible!

Should you need any of the comprehensive investigative services offered by the professionals at King Investigators, simply drop them a line, give them a call or chat to an investigator online to find out more about where to start in dealing with any issue you may be facing, professionally or personally.