King Investigators are highly trained to play many different roles in undercover surveillance.

It takes exceptional training and many years’ worth of experience before any investigator can be considered an expert undercover surveillance operative, and at King Investigators this is non-negotiable.

All King Investigators have gone through rigorous training out in the field, and, in order to retain the exceptional reputation earned by King Investigators for their sheer professionalism, all investigators have an in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of tactics that can be used in undercover surveillance and just where the boundaries lie in terms of remaining compliant with the regulations that govern all South African private investigators.

King Investigators know full well that any information or proof gathered by ignoring these regulations will render the proof inadmissible.

There are strict rules in place order to ensure that any evidence gathered by a King Investigator remains well within laws governing entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing and invasion of privacy – this is why any video or investigative reports obtained by King Investigators is of such a high standard that it is incontrovertible and powerful!

In an industry that has been given a bad name by a handful of shady operatives, King Investigators has proven again and again that the world of undercover surveillance is one populated by hardworking men and women who have to be able to adapt to many different situations at the drop of a hat, ensuring that the outstanding reputation for professionalism and trust earned by King Investigators is one that is well deserved.

In fact, there are many overseas private investigations companies who call on King Investigators when they need someone on the ground in South Africa, not only because this is home ground for this team and they know how to blend in anywhere, from casinos to clubs to malls, but also because they deliver top quality surveillance reports that leave no room for doubt and can stand the scrutiny of any court of law.

King Investigators are able to penetrate any area in any industry sector to carry out undercover surveillance that is undetected; if you are struggling with internal thefts, King Investigators will send a member of their team in to join your staff and no one will have any idea that they are in actual fact there to gather evidence of the theft!

In cases such as infidelity, drugs, child abuse and other crimes, King Investigators not only have the qualifications and experience to carry out covert surveillance you can rely on to be effective, but the ability to plan these actions out to the smallest detail in order to ensure success.

Any undercover operative has to have excellent communication skills, tons of common sense and an ability to think out of the box when necessary, which makes them every bit as unique as those who choose to become policemen, doctors, nurses or teachers – it is a calling, but not everyone can rise to the immense challenges that come with a career that is this demanding!

King Investigators has made sure that they have the best of the best on their team to give clients a sense of confidence during situations that are difficult, whether in their personal or professional lives, and you can rely on this team to treat all contact and communication with them as confidential and sacrosanct.

This confidentiality, privacy and trust is all part of the package offered by King Investigators, if its professionalism and incontrovertible proof you want, this team has it all!