Is your spouse cheating on you?

We all try to rationalise our feelings when it comes to the issue of whether a partner or spouse is actually cheating or whether it is just our imagination, and, more often than we think, people decide to find out the truth, even though it may be very painful to face.

If you have reached the point where you no longer trust your own instincts and are ready to call in a professional, make sure that you choose an investigations company that already has many years’ worth of experience and a trusted reputation to back them up, especially in cases as sensitive as infidelity.

The team at King Investigators fully understand the emotions involved when infidelity is suspected, but, because they are trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing, they are able to view the situation from a less personal perspective in order to make sure that when you make any decision about the future of your relationship, it will be one based on accurate information.

King Investigators puts clients’ needs first, which includes heeding your budget and working on a level that will be as comfortable as possible under the circumstances, how much evidence you want is entirely up to you.

Everything that is not captured on video in public areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and other areas will be irrefutable, and, if need be, King Investigators will compile a formal report that will include all surveillance, including what is not captured on video.

Overseas clients use the investigative services of King Investigators when they have loved ones travelling in South Africa and need someone trustworthy and reliable to keep an eye on them, however, if yours is a local case, you will be able to meet your investigator in person, anywhere that you would feel comfortable under the circumstances.

As a result of always remaining fully updated on state of the art surveillance equipment, King Investigators is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment that includes spy cameras, cell phone monitoring equipment and spy tracking devices, however, they will always carry out any investigation into infidelity subject to your approval – there’s no going off the reservation with this team of professionals!

They know the rules and stick to them so that whatever information you receive from them will be undeniable and legally obtained – it is seldom that King Investigators need to appear in court; the proof they offer is irrefutable!

If you have to face dealing with a cheating spouse or partner, the very least you can do for yourself is to deal with an investigations company that is honest and places high value on integrity, along with a total commitment to protecting your privacy and information.

King Investigations is not limited to investigating cheating spouses, they are experts at anything and everything to do with investigative surveillance, including mobile phone forensics, insurance claims investigations, GPS vehicle tracking and polygraph testing.

Give the team a call or chat on line and let the twenty years’ worth of experience at King Investigations steer you in the right direction for making an informed decision about any investigation you need undertaken

GPS vehicle tracking – silent surveillance in the tech era!

Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call known in history on March 10, 1876, using the same phone he had invented, and, a century or so later, we have mobile phones, laptops that become our office wherever we go and GPS to give us directions – that’s a huge leap in a relatively short time !

GPS does a lot more than give us directions and tips on how to avoid traffic jams! GPS is also a highly effective tool in managing fleets of trucks, other company transport and staff out on the road, which has saved many companies a fortune in losses caused by the misuse of company vehicles.

On the other end of the scale, GPS vehicle tracking is often used in conjunction with undercover surveillance, carried out by professionals, to ensure absolute accuracy of any proof or wrong doing in a variety of instances and circumstances.

20 years’ worth of invaluable experience in the field of private investigations and surveillance has been more than enough to keep King Investigations fully up to date with the latest technological developments, including GPS vehicle tracking.

In many instances, clients task King Investigators to give a fuller picture of an investigation than a GPS vehicle tracking device is able to on its own, giving investigators the opportunity to access actionable proof of any wrongdoing, adding to GPS vehicle tracking reports a lot more detail about the target’s actions.

Photographs and videos handed in by King Investigators are of such high quality that they are admissible in court, should it come to that.

King Investigators Vehicle Tracking devices can be purchased directly by the client, or installed by an elite team of investigators, any time, any place.  These are experts who understand the importance of the smallest details on every investigation, their expertise is a form of protection for anyone wanting to install a GPS vehicle tracking device without detection.

GPS vehicle tracking can be used in insurance claims investigations, monitoring the movements of a cheating spouse or a host of other undercover and covert surveillance operations, which are all services offered by King Investigators nationwide.

As consummate professionals in their tradecraft, King Investigators is built on a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability; when there is an investigation to be carried out, a highly trained investigator is ready to move, and to move fast!

King Investigators has earned the reputation for being one of the top investigations companies in South Africa, and it shows in the way this team does all in its power to get to the point as quickly as possible for the client, providing accurate information that can be trusted 100%!

Whether you are facing a domestic or corporate situation that calls for the services of a professional investigator, King Investigators is the go-to team for accurate and honest information, and a healthy measure of discretion!

All the operatives and agents who represent King Investigators have proven track records for delivering results that are achieved honestly, without skirting the laws governing invasion of privacy, entrapment or misrepresentation – when this team hands over their report, they want it to stand up to scrutiny legally as protection for their clients.

Whether you need GPS vehicle tracking solutions or any other form of professional investigative services, there is always someone at King Investigators available to offer the assistance and guidance you need, without wasting your time or money!

Listen to your sixth sense if it tells you your spouse is cheating, especially since technology has made it so much easier.

After over 20 years in the investigations field, carrying out undercover surveillance, polygraph tests, background checks, business intelligence services, tracing missing people and mobile phone forensic investigations, among other services, King Investigators have pretty much seen everything, and, as unfortunate as it may be, cheating spouses or partners is one of the most utilised services this team offers.

The advent of internet chat rooms and mobile chat services have brought a new dimension into the ease with which many people are led down the road to infidelity, which was a lot more difficult in the good old days when friendship circles were smaller and communities more in touch with each other on a human level – days when only a landline existed and cheating was a lot more difficult.

It may start out as an ‘innocent’ chat online or on a mobile phone, which is made easier by the fact that all our forms of communication these days are mobile, however, taking the plunge and turning what may be a light flirtation into a full-fledged affair, whether it is short or long term, is as easy as making the decision to meet face to face.

This is the era we live in, and, short of keeping a constant eye on our spouse or partner and monitoring all their messages, whether on a laptop or mobile phone, we are forced to place a lot more trust in them than was necessary when life was slower and people actually communicated face to face.

If your sixth sense is telling you that something is wrong, even if you are brave enough to ask the questions, it’s unlikely that you will be getting a truthful answer from a cheating spouse, the suspicion is going to linger, unless and until you find proof that your partner is having an affair, whether its online or in real life!

It’s not an easy thing to call on a private investigator for assistance in a situation that is already causing pain, it means telling someone you don’t know some of the most intimate details of your lives together, and, at the very least, you would want that person to have compassion for you in a situation that is completely unchartered territory for you, and to know that you can rely on them for discretion and professionalism.

These are all qualities that are considered first and foremost by King Investigators, and, in helping people go through delicate situations like this while maintaining a high standard of ethics is what has made King Investigators the top professional investigations company in South Africa.

King Investigators will make a difficult situation as easy as possible for you, working with you in a way that makes you feel as comfortable as possible and also making sure that your investigator works within your budget to deliver the level of proof you require.

The team at King Investigators fully understand that this is an emotionally charged experience for anyone who suspects that a spouse is cheating, and because of their many years in the industry, they do everything possible to make the experience a little easier for you.

Any evidence gathered about a cheating spouse or infidelity in a partnership by King Investigators is of such quality that it can stand as evidence in a court of law should that be necessary. Right from the outset, once you have engaged King Investigators to carry out surveillance of a cheating spouse, you can rest assured that you will have access to your investigator for the duration of the investigation.

Once the information and proof you have requested is delivered by this team, which can include an in-depth written report in addition to video surveillance, you will, at the very least, be able to make an informed decision about what the future holds for the relationship.

Speak to a member of this well respected team; you will find that any King Investigator is a pleasure do deal with, no matter how tough the situation is, their experience and ability to communicate is a clear indication of the professionalism you can expect from them.

King Investigators has the largest team of seasoned investigators able to tackle any investigative challenge!

King Investigators has gathered such a large, highly trained team of seasoned investigators and undercover operatives over the course of twenty years in the industry, that they are in a position to offer the widest range of investigative services possible, making them the top investigations company in Johannesburg and South Africa.

Although the offices of King Investigators are in Johannesburg, their operatives are available anywhere at any time throughout the country, and, these offices look nothing like the dusty ones in dilapidated buildings you see in the movies, King Investigators are the epitome of professionalism in every sense!

Because of their ability to access information the general public cannot get to, King Investigators are experts where it comes to the tracing services they offer, whether it is to trace a missing loved one, someone who has not made it to a court appearance or simply looking up an old romantic flame – if King Investigators cannot find them, no one will!

King Investigators is not only called on to assist clients who suspect a cheating spouse or infidelity, in our fast-paced life, it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on our instincts where it comes to a new romantic interest, especially if we have been badly hurt before.

It doesn’t sound in the least romantic, however, having a background check done on someone you are starting a new relationship with is more common than you may think, for both men and women.

The last thing you want is to find out, when it’s too late, that you are involved with someone who is still married, has drug related issues or is a spousal or child abuser – these are issues that are always hidden in the beginning of the relationship.

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about involving a private investigator, the fact is that you deserve the protection the knowledge affords you, and if you have children, it is even more important to know as much as you can about the person you are bringing into their lives.

These are examples of just a few of the investigative services offered by King Investigators, this team covers everything from counterintelligence to investigative due diligence services, mobile phone forensic investigations and insurance claims investigations.

Every member of the King Investigators team is committed to remaining up to date with the latest spyware technology and mobile phone technology in order to effectively carry out successful investigations, and, in many of these areas, they also play a supportive role in cases where the South African Police Services have hit a wall due to the regulations governing their investigations.

No private investigator is above the law, however, they do not have the onus of having to get search warrants in order to take any investigation further, and, SAPS also calls King Investigators in to do polygraph testing and voice stress analysis in a role as outside experts.

Whatever the reason you contact King Investigators, you can be 100% sure that you are not going to be ripped off in any way, they work with your budget, maintain a high level of professional communication throughout the investigation they carry out for you, and, above all, ensure that all investigative reports you receive from this team will contain incontrovertible proof that you can take to court!

If you choose a backstreet, ‘cheap’ investigator, know that you are going to have the complete opposite of what you wanted, the proof will be worthless, especially if it has been illegally obtained; choosing a highly ethical investigative company like King Investigators is going to meet your budget and deliver a professional investigation that puts these kinds of operators to shame!