GPS vehicle tracking – silent surveillance in the tech era!

Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call known in history on March 10, 1876, using the same phone he had invented, and, a century or so later, we have mobile phones, laptops that become our office wherever we go and GPS to give us directions – that’s a huge leap in a relatively short time !

GPS does a lot more than give us directions and tips on how to avoid traffic jams! GPS is also a highly effective tool in managing fleets of trucks, other company transport and staff out on the road, which has saved many companies a fortune in losses caused by the misuse of company vehicles.

On the other end of the scale, GPS vehicle tracking is often used in conjunction with undercover surveillance, carried out by professionals, to ensure absolute accuracy of any proof or wrong doing in a variety of instances and circumstances.

20 years’ worth of invaluable experience in the field of private investigations and surveillance has been more than enough to keep King Investigations fully up to date with the latest technological developments, including GPS vehicle tracking.

In many instances, clients task King Investigators to give a fuller picture of an investigation than a GPS vehicle tracking device is able to on its own, giving investigators the opportunity to access actionable proof of any wrongdoing, adding to GPS vehicle tracking reports a lot more detail about the target’s actions.

Photographs and videos handed in by King Investigators are of such high quality that they are admissible in court, should it come to that.

King Investigators Vehicle Tracking devices can be purchased directly by the client, or installed by an elite team of investigators, any time, any place.  These are experts who understand the importance of the smallest details on every investigation, their expertise is a form of protection for anyone wanting to install a GPS vehicle tracking device without detection.

GPS vehicle tracking can be used in insurance claims investigations, monitoring the movements of a cheating spouse or a host of other undercover and covert surveillance operations, which are all services offered by King Investigators nationwide.

As consummate professionals in their tradecraft, King Investigators is built on a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability; when there is an investigation to be carried out, a highly trained investigator is ready to move, and to move fast!

King Investigators has earned the reputation for being one of the top investigations companies in South Africa, and it shows in the way this team does all in its power to get to the point as quickly as possible for the client, providing accurate information that can be trusted 100%!

Whether you are facing a domestic or corporate situation that calls for the services of a professional investigator, King Investigators is the go-to team for accurate and honest information, and a healthy measure of discretion!

All the operatives and agents who represent King Investigators have proven track records for delivering results that are achieved honestly, without skirting the laws governing invasion of privacy, entrapment or misrepresentation – when this team hands over their report, they want it to stand up to scrutiny legally as protection for their clients.

Whether you need GPS vehicle tracking solutions or any other form of professional investigative services, there is always someone at King Investigators available to offer the assistance and guidance you need, without wasting your time or money!