Is your spouse cheating on you?

We all try to rationalise our feelings when it comes to the issue of whether a partner or spouse is actually cheating or whether it is just our imagination, and, more often than we think, people decide to find out the truth, even though it may be very painful to face.

If you have reached the point where you no longer trust your own instincts and are ready to call in a professional, make sure that you choose an investigations company that already has many years’ worth of experience and a trusted reputation to back them up, especially in cases as sensitive as infidelity.

The team at King Investigators fully understand the emotions involved when infidelity is suspected, but, because they are trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing, they are able to view the situation from a less personal perspective in order to make sure that when you make any decision about the future of your relationship, it will be one based on accurate information.

King Investigators puts clients’ needs first, which includes heeding your budget and working on a level that will be as comfortable as possible under the circumstances, how much evidence you want is entirely up to you.

Everything that is not captured on video in public areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and other areas will be irrefutable, and, if need be, King Investigators will compile a formal report that will include all surveillance, including what is not captured on video.

Overseas clients use the investigative services of King Investigators when they have loved ones travelling in South Africa and need someone trustworthy and reliable to keep an eye on them, however, if yours is a local case, you will be able to meet your investigator in person, anywhere that you would feel comfortable under the circumstances.

As a result of always remaining fully updated on state of the art surveillance equipment, King Investigators is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment that includes spy cameras, cell phone monitoring equipment and spy tracking devices, however, they will always carry out any investigation into infidelity subject to your approval – there’s no going off the reservation with this team of professionals!

They know the rules and stick to them so that whatever information you receive from them will be undeniable and legally obtained – it is seldom that King Investigators need to appear in court; the proof they offer is irrefutable!

If you have to face dealing with a cheating spouse or partner, the very least you can do for yourself is to deal with an investigations company that is honest and places high value on integrity, along with a total commitment to protecting your privacy and information.

King Investigations is not limited to investigating cheating spouses, they are experts at anything and everything to do with investigative surveillance, including mobile phone forensics, insurance claims investigations, GPS vehicle tracking and polygraph testing.

Give the team a call or chat on line and let the twenty years’ worth of experience at King Investigations steer you in the right direction for making an informed decision about any investigation you need undertaken