7 lesser-known facts about what it’s like to be a detective for hire.

As you have seen in the movies, Private investigators are often depicted as badass outlaws that get results by shaking down suspects, knocking down doors, and computer hacking – how awesome is that?

The thing is, that’s not how they actually work – these professionals, also known as private detectives, are typically hired to locate missing people, deliberately hidden, confidential information, and to participate in solving different crimes.

In this article, let’s tackle the different facts and misconceptions about what it’s like to be a detective for hire!

  1.  Private detectives usually break the law –this is untrue.

According to some Private investigators Johannesburg, PI’s are only regular people with regular powers, the only difference is they have the expertise on gaining information with their tools, resources, and experience – and they don’t actually break any laws.

  1.  If you’re being phished online, they can help you.

When it comes to online dating, private detectives have become a major source of protection and information for participants. People who involved in internet romances start feeling that the person they are talking to is not quite what they portrayed in the first place. This situation could get to the point where they begin asking for money or trying a multitude of other scams, which have grown as fast as technology has – and that’s where a PI can step in.

  1.  They hack into phones or computers – absolutely not.

With their professional skill in obtaining public records for both corporate and personal investigations, computers, and phones within legal parameters, private investigators are an invaluable resource for everyone. Investigating email accounts, phones, bank accounts, and even social media profiles can be investigated with the permission of the owner – for example, if a wife wants to see if her husband is cheating on her, she can give permission for PI’s to check his phone or email history to see if he is calling someone else.

  1.  Checking any housekeepers and other service professionals is their area of expertise.

If you’re unsure about hiring housekeepers or any other service professionals in your home, hiring private detectives from a reliable company for Tracing Pretoria can help in backtracking the personal information of the individual more thoroughly than you are able to.

  1.  PI’s have a trick to following cars.

Some people tend to be paranoid when someone who is following them, hiring PI’s can help as they have the training and experience to avoid detection while tracking any car on the road.

  1.  Private Detectives can do due diligence on investments.

Investing money into a company or a project can the worst thing and the best thing for different investors. Private investigators can usually help company investors to give them peace of mind in terms of investing tons of money into any potential scam or a company that can be a financial burden, which helps them to avoid significant financial loss.

  1.  Most importantly, private detectives gather evidence for any legal proceedings.

Some law firms don’t have the resource to get any valuable information and evidence for the court, but with the help of private detectives or investigators, they can easily gather information for their client’s legal proceedings.

Being a private detective or investigator truly requires a lot of investigative work in terms of gathering private and sensitive information to solve any crimes or issues. Hiring the best one with professional experience, tools, and resources is an essential component to gauging the reliability of the PI.





5 Top Tips for hiring a Private Investigator

Each of us might have come across dishonest people in our lives, which is an unfortunate reality, and many of these tricksters take their dishonesty to new levels by cheating the people they claim to love. If you are one of those who is feeling unloved or cheated by the one they love and you need proof, then you might consider hiring a private investigator. This is to help you uncover the truths that you are after, no matter how painful or difficult the proof may be. In this article, we’ll be supplying you with various tips on hiring a private investigator.

Private Investigators: Who are they?

Often called PI’s and informally called private eyes, a private investigator is a professional who may be hired by any individuals or groups to carry out investigatory services. Private investigators must have an analytical mind, excellent observation skills, and a keen eye. Furthermore, PIs’ use various investigative and surveillance techniques, like polygraph testing, in order to gather accurate information regarding a particular situation or subject in question. Private investigators are licensed to practice in a particular state they work in, make absolutely sure that you work with a registered professional! They may be hired for work with private organizations, businesses, police departments, other private detective firms, and for individual clients.

When to Hire a Private Investigator?

You need to hire a private investigator if you need the following assistance to:

  • Investigate a scene or interview a witness
  • Locate and recover lost or stolen possessions
  • Safeguard your business property, people, assets, premises, etc.
  • Check the legality of a potential investment
  • Have a person followed to check if he is being deceitful
  • Perform background checks
  • Obtain information on identity, credibility, of a person or a company

Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator

Here are some tips that may help you in finding the right PI for your case:

  1. Look for a PI that has a large support team.

Experienced private investigators are cognisant of the importance of having a large, strong network in their team. It is recommended that you hire this type of PI because a good team always gets better results than a lone PI can without support.

  1. Prices reflect experience often.

The price of hiring a private investigator depends on the experience of the investigator you are hiring. Bear in mind that you need their service to be the best to get the best results as well.

  1. Hire a licensed PI.

A licensed private investigator must be able to provide a documentation that reflects their professionalism. Not only that, your PI must also have quality formal training and clearly understand the legalities of their profession. You may hire a PI that is licensed and professional just like private investigator Pretoria offers.

  1. Breaking the law doesn’t help the case.

If your PI is giving you hints that they may work outside the law, then you must step back. Those who break the law have a high risk of invalidating any evidence they may find.

  1. Never promises a specific result.

There is no way that a PI is certain of what the results of their investigation will be, which is why making promises is not their thing, if they do, then they may be a little on the dodgy side. A professional private investigator with proper training will come back with the best reliable results in any given circumstance.

If you want an investigator just like those in tracing Johannesburg, check them out first, you will see that a team like King Investigators is the top investigations company in South Africa based on over 20 years’ worth of experience in every field of investigation, which is experience that will be invaluable to you in every case!


Let professionals handle background checks before you let anyone into your business or private life.

Some people cheat, it’s just part of their nature, whether it is in a relationship or in business, we will all come across people like this, and it’s not always easy to listen to your sixth sense telling you something isn’t right when everything seems perfect on the surface!

Mostly, it’s also because we want to believe the best in people; Nelson Mandela believed that we are not born to hate, we learn to hate, and if we can learn to hate, then we can be taught to love, and the same can be applied to how much we trust people.

As humans, we want to trust, however, there are times in our personal or business lives when we have to look deeper than at the surface, such as when we’ve been hurt before and a new romance has made an appearance, or, when employing staff and taking on new board members in the business.

Even politicians have been caught lying about their qualifications and experience, knowing full well that if they get found out, it will be a public spectacle, so, a CV and references is just not enough to go on when employing someone, especially if it is for a position of trust, which can make the theft of company information a sensitive issue.

We know that abusers, thieves, frauds and other criminals can look as if they would be incapable of dishonesty, an unfortunate gift many people have to fool the most intuitive of people and they show no outward sign of being any different to everyone else.

Whether it is a new relationship that is being contemplated, or a new staff member, an in-depth background check carried out by the elite team of investigators at King Investigators will ensure that whatever proof is required will be delivered with honesty and integrity, giving you the opportunity to make the right decision based on facts.

If you need to know whether the person you are interested in, personally or on a corporate level, is in any way capable of criminal behaviour, including being a child abuser, convicted felon or sex offender, King Investigators is able to access resources that are not available to the general public, as well as to use 20 years’ worth of surveillance experience, to provide accurate and honest reports, without wasting time!

Industrial espionage and the theft of company or patent secrets is on the rise as technology advances, making background checks into staff essential for the protection of many corporate and industrial companies.

Speaking business, King Investigators is highly experienced in high-level investigations into misappropriation of corporate assets, fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets and more, adding to their business intelligence services financial investigations, covert operations, undercover investigations and debugging, all rigged to fully protect clients placing their trust in King Investigators.

As one of the most highly respected investigations companies in South Africa, you can rely on King Investigators to offer affordable investigative solutions delivered with absolute professionalism and integrity, backed by their guarantee of their work and its results.


King Investigators brings 20 years’ worth of experience to all their investigative services.

20 years’ worth of experience in the industry has equipped King Investigators to carry out a broad range of investigative services using specialised tactics to suit each situation that requires investigation.  These services run the full spectrum from personal to business, using highly developed surveillance strategies and the latest in technology to bring to clients accurate, professionally obtained information that is indisputable.

Covering the corporate aspects of investigative services, King Investigators work hand in glove with business owners to uncover all forms of dishonesty or fraud, including:

  • Debugging – many companies dealing with highly sensitive information need to know that trade secrets are kept safe and that any confidential aspects of the business remain so.
  • Background checks – King Investigators will do an in-depth background check into potential employees, board members or partners that may be joining the company. The advancement of technology has made it a whole lot easier for people to misrepresent themselves, and unfortunately some of them are real pro’s at it!
  • Investigative Due Diligence Services – this is a section all on its own, focussed on rooting out the risk of fraud, especially if major investments are being considered. King Investigators has the ability to carry out financial research, delve into the character and reputation of an investment or investors, as well as checking into political affiliations and more; the investigation follows the course prescribed by the client.
  • Voice Stress & Polygraph Testing – if there is suspicion regarding theft of company property or fraudulent behaviour, polygraph testing and voice stress analysis can both give a good indication of whether someone is telling the truth or not. These tests can be carried out at your location or at your office.
  • Undercover operations and investigations – based on the training, experience and expertise of the team at King Investigators, these professionals are able to adapt in many different situations in order to gather any information that is required for the assignment.

Many of the investigative services offered by King Investigators can be used in conjunction with others to get as full and detailed a report as possible, irrespective of whether it is for individuals, small to medium businesses or large corporations!

On a personal and domestic level, King Investigators are professionals who have the experience to uncover any proof of a cheating spouse or partner, and to make sure that it is evidence that cannot be in any doubt.  There are also instances in divorce and custody battles when one or the other party needs proof of hidden assets, or of possible danger posed if custody is awarded to the wrong party.

King Investigators also carries out mobile phone forensic investigations for private individuals and corporations, using the latest technology to access information that includes current and deleted information, ranging from call logs to SMS’s and documents or video files saved onto the handsets, nothing is ever deleted forever once this team gets their hands on the mobile phone!

Even if you are just thinking about whether or not a private investigator will be of assistance to you or your business, speak to the team at King Investigators, you will then be able to make an informed decision about the course of action you would like to take.