King Investigators brings 20 years’ worth of experience to all their investigative services.

20 years’ worth of experience in the industry has equipped King Investigators to carry out a broad range of investigative services using specialised tactics to suit each situation that requires investigation.  These services run the full spectrum from personal to business, using highly developed surveillance strategies and the latest in technology to bring to clients accurate, professionally obtained information that is indisputable.

Covering the corporate aspects of investigative services, King Investigators work hand in glove with business owners to uncover all forms of dishonesty or fraud, including:

  • Debugging – many companies dealing with highly sensitive information need to know that trade secrets are kept safe and that any confidential aspects of the business remain so.
  • Background checks – King Investigators will do an in-depth background check into potential employees, board members or partners that may be joining the company. The advancement of technology has made it a whole lot easier for people to misrepresent themselves, and unfortunately some of them are real pro’s at it!
  • Investigative Due Diligence Services – this is a section all on its own, focussed on rooting out the risk of fraud, especially if major investments are being considered. King Investigators has the ability to carry out financial research, delve into the character and reputation of an investment or investors, as well as checking into political affiliations and more; the investigation follows the course prescribed by the client.
  • Voice Stress & Polygraph Testing – if there is suspicion regarding theft of company property or fraudulent behaviour, polygraph testing and voice stress analysis can both give a good indication of whether someone is telling the truth or not. These tests can be carried out at your location or at your office.
  • Undercover operations and investigations – based on the training, experience and expertise of the team at King Investigators, these professionals are able to adapt in many different situations in order to gather any information that is required for the assignment.

Many of the investigative services offered by King Investigators can be used in conjunction with others to get as full and detailed a report as possible, irrespective of whether it is for individuals, small to medium businesses or large corporations!

On a personal and domestic level, King Investigators are professionals who have the experience to uncover any proof of a cheating spouse or partner, and to make sure that it is evidence that cannot be in any doubt.  There are also instances in divorce and custody battles when one or the other party needs proof of hidden assets, or of possible danger posed if custody is awarded to the wrong party.

King Investigators also carries out mobile phone forensic investigations for private individuals and corporations, using the latest technology to access information that includes current and deleted information, ranging from call logs to SMS’s and documents or video files saved onto the handsets, nothing is ever deleted forever once this team gets their hands on the mobile phone!

Even if you are just thinking about whether or not a private investigator will be of assistance to you or your business, speak to the team at King Investigators, you will then be able to make an informed decision about the course of action you would like to take.