Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Hiring A Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is not something you can do within a couple of minutes. Time and effort should go into your research to ensure you’re hiring an investigator who meets your requirements and can complete the task. When reaching out to private investigators, here are some common pitfalls you should avoid:

Committing To An Investigator Before Checking References

With there being many companies and people claiming to be the best in the business, it’s of great importance to request references from all the potential companies you might make use of. This’ll indicate what their skills and abilities are and is a good indication as to the type of service you can expect. This forces you to get more than one quote and you’ll have the necessary resources to make an informed decision.

Choosing An Investigator Based On Their Price

While doing your enquiries, this’ll be the perfect opportunity for you to request pricing on their services. As you compare references as well as pricing, you’ll put together a short list. Hiring someone to conduct a service based on a cheap price may not always be the best option.

Be sure to maintain an open mind when looking at the different quotes. Not only should the price be within your budget but comfort is a big indicator when selecting an investigator. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Obtaining Information Without The Correct Consent

This is a difficult one to come by as most private investigators go beyond the expectation of their clients to get the information needed to close the case. In some instances, this isn’t a bad thing as you get the closure you want without it being a long drawn out process.

When choosing your private investigator, be sure to find out how they obtain their information. With the recent introduction of the protection of personal information act, any business operation that keeps client information isn’t allowed to share that information without the consent of the client.

The same goes for the illegal tapping of phones or wearing a wire when interacting with the potential suspect. Its unlawful and can get both you and the investigator into more trouble than what it’s worth.

Private Investigators Who Subcontract Work

When reaching out to a private investigation firm, you doing so in confidentiality. Be sure to fully grasp what all the process involves and what the investigator will be doing for you. They by no means should be subcontracting the work out to other investigators without consulting you. This also ensures there is a level of accountability and ownership when it comes to handling your case and you know exactly who you need to speak to.  

Reach Out To The Team At King Investigators

King Investigators is a private investigation firm offering a host of services. With over a decade worth of experience in the industry, no case is to big for them. The investigation services include and aren’t limited to cheating, polygraph tests and due diligence. Contact one of the team members today to discuss your investigative requirements.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Polygraph Tests and Voice Stress Tests

Through multiple technological advancements, there have been many techniques developed to assist in the identification of deceitfulness. Dating back to the early nineties when the polygraph test was discovered, the sole purpose of this device was to pick up deception. Since its inception, many great advances have been achieved. Today, there are many supplementary technologies which serves to complement the established research behind polygraph tests.

Understanding What A Polygraph Test Is

This test can be defined as a piece of electronic equipment used to measure how a person responds to certain questions. Your blood pressure, how much you perspire and your pulse are three elements which are measured while connected to the polygraph testing machine.

Voice Stress Tests (VST) Are Discovered

A voice stress test can be described as being a type of technology used to point out deception through your voice and how flexible your vocal chords are. When requested to take a test, if the person begins to feel under pressure, the muscles in their throat might tighten up which affects your vocal chords. When in the testing room, the way in which your voice changes as you answer questions are measured through using computer software and generates a live report.

Using Voice Stress Tests in Conjunction With Polygraph Tests

To ensure you’re able to get the most accurate results, these can be used in conjunction with one another. As you only have to connect up to the polygraph test, there’s nothing stopping you from running the voice stress test while you running the polygraph tests.

When making use of the polygraph test, the turnaround time for the machine to stabilise is anything between 30 seconds to a minute. This can be considered a slight disadvantage as it prolongs the examination process and might skew the data as the person being examined is getting anxious between the questions.

The Convenience of the Voice Stress Test

The voice stress test has a much shorter turnaround time and can reset within three seconds. This results in there being a much shorter waiting period between each question. This test can also be seen as a convenient means of conducting a test as you don’t need to connect the person to a machine before you commence with the test.

Another benefit to this style of testing for deceit is, the test doesn’t need to be done within a specific location. The VST can be conducted within a remote setting. By taking this approach, you’ve got a better chance of obtaining accurate results as the person is within their own comfort zone.

Both the polygraph test and voice stress test have come a long way in recent years. With the continuous developments within technology, both these tests continue to be enhanced and improved. If you’re looking for a reputable company to assist you with conducting tests, reach out to the team at King Investigator. All the investigators have over a decades experience and only provide the highest quality service. Contact them today to book your assessment.

How far are PI’s allowed to go in their covert surveillance of your life?

The sole purpose of hiring private investigators is to assist individuals and other law enforcement corporations and agencies to trace, track and solve any issues they may be dealing with that is outside of the law. These involve tracing or tracking a missing person and performing criminal as well as financial investigations with the help of private citizens, businesses, agencies, or attorneys – but how far can they legally go?

Let’s tackle the different myths and misconceptions about PI’s, as well as knowing what a private investigator can and cannot do in terms of their legal limitations.

Myth #1: Private investigators will arrest you just like the police.

According to private investigator Pretoria, one of the most common misconceptions about PI’s is that they function similarly to the police – which is somewhat true in that they assist in compiling evidence that is beyond the scope of legalities imposed on the police, but they can’t make an arrest unless they are in a situation where arresting a possible juvenile is legal.

Myth #2: Private investigators will have the access to someone’s financial records.

Sure, there are several tracing tools which private investigators can use, but tracing financial records or bank accounts is not one of them. Sensitive and personal information like the bank account of an individual is one of the legal limitations for PI’s as it falls under the privacy act. In some cases, they can only access financial record once there is appropriate approval from a state court.

Myth #3: Private investigators can access phone conversations.

It is illegal for a PI to access someone’s phone and read any text or email messages without any permission from individuals, a court or other legal bodies. Private phone conversation and recording without the subject’s awareness is punishable by law.

Myth #4: Private investigators can make all private background profiles available for online purchase.

Background reports that people tend to purchase online is another misconception of being a private detective or investigator. Private investigator Pretoria stated that the information in those background reports is commonly produced or generated by an automated system, which has nothing to do with licensed investigators.

Myth #5: Private investigators can access the subject’s credit information.

Thanks to effective laws, obtaining someone’s credit information without permission is made exceptionally difficult, limiting the accessibility of private information to professionals alone. Private investigators cannot access any financial records or bank accounts without any legal proceedings or confirmation from a court, or without the appropriate permission from the owner or subject first.

Myth #6: Private investigators can conduct surveillance.

It is true that private investigators can conduct a tail and trail an individual with legal tracing tools to track their movements as part of a requested investigation. These include setting up audio or video recordings which will depend on the state’s legal restrictions, in order to monitor the subject’s behavior and daily activities to produce a detailed result.

The main advantages of hiring a private investigator is to find a missing person, trace the activities of unreliable or suspicious individuals, determine investment deals to check if it is a scam or not, and most importantly, to help you solve any criminal or legal issues. Choose the best by calling King Investigators, this is where professional ethics experience, proper tools, and resources are highly valued!


A few Investigative Techniques Used Today by Private Investigators

When we talk about the private investigation or private investigators per se, we think about Sherlock Holmes. He is the most popular fictional private detective known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning, all of which is exactly what investigative firms in South Africa can offer One of these firms is King Investigators, who undertake investigatory law services, as well as carrying out surveillance, counter-intelligence gathering and undercover operations, for both civil and criminal cases.

Private investigators and detectives of King Investigators find clues and evidence that uncover hidden information about legal, financial, or personal matters. They provide assistance in fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-persons cases, and premarital screening, to prove or disprove infidelity.

Registered and professional detectives and investigators always take the law into consideration. They must collect evidence according to the rules that govern their profession, to make sure that the evidence is collected in a way that is acceptable in court, which is exactly what you can expect from King Investigators. Detectives in South Africa carry out physical surveillance to observe a site or follow a suspicious person. Here are some investigative techniques used today by private investigators:

Investigative Tools and Techniques Used Today by South African Private Investigators

  •        Cameras

Private investigators in Pretoria use cameras, specifically covert cameras to spy on other people. It is just a click away and all the evidence can be presented in an instant.  Videos are also absolute proof of any suspicions that are confirmed or criminal acts carried out.

  •        Cell phones

Cell phones are very useful tools for private investigators. They are able to trace someone by looking into their call logs; showing all missed, received and dialled numbers, including relevant numbers related to the owner listed in their contacts list. They are also able to check messages or conversations, to find out more about what they are up to.

  •        Computers

Just like cell phones, computers are made to store data and files needed by the user. Private investigators can learn about a person’s address, phone numbers, sites they have been checking lately, credit or arrest history, and so on, just by logging on to the user’s account.

  •        Lie Detector

A polygraph, also known as a lie detector, is an instrument used to record and measure physiological changes in a person undergoing questioning in order to uncover truths or lies. Polygraph testing is currently being used in the fields of correctional facilities, criminal investigations, intelligence/counterintelligence, and civil matters. A polygraph simultaneously records a minimum of respiratory activity, galvanic skin resistance/conductivity, and cardiovascular activity. The examiners begin with an interview to gain some preliminary information which will be used later to develop diagnostic questions.

  •        GPS device

Is able to follow suspicious personnel, private investigators take advantage of a GPS tracker to know their whereabouts. Simply put the tracker on someone’s belongings and, with the use of their smartphones, they can locate them in no time. Cars also feature GPS devices and are used as a guide to navigate where you want to go. There’s no need to worry that you might get lost in the woods in the middle of the night, all you need is to set where you’re heading, like tracing in Johannesburg, and you’re good to go.


The private investigators and detectives of King Investigators in South Africa use different strategies to unveil the truth and to make sure that they get to the bottom of every case in order to deliver an honest outcome for each client.  These tools used by private investigators will assist every client to make decisions based on facts professionally gathered by King Investigators, for individuals and business.