Here’s What You Need To Know About Polygraph Tests and Voice Stress Tests

Through multiple technological advancements, there have been many techniques developed to assist in the identification of deceitfulness. Dating back to the early nineties when the polygraph test was discovered, the sole purpose of this device was to pick up deception. Since its inception, many great advances have been achieved. Today, there are many supplementary technologies which serves to complement the established research behind polygraph tests.

Understanding What A Polygraph Test Is

This test can be defined as a piece of electronic equipment used to measure how a person responds to certain questions. Your blood pressure, how much you perspire and your pulse are three elements which are measured while connected to the polygraph testing machine.

Voice Stress Tests (VST) Are Discovered

A voice stress test can be described as being a type of technology used to point out deception through your voice and how flexible your vocal chords are. When requested to take a test, if the person begins to feel under pressure, the muscles in their throat might tighten up which affects your vocal chords. When in the testing room, the way in which your voice changes as you answer questions are measured through using computer software and generates a live report.

Using Voice Stress Tests in Conjunction With Polygraph Tests

To ensure you’re able to get the most accurate results, these can be used in conjunction with one another. As you only have to connect up to the polygraph test, there’s nothing stopping you from running the voice stress test while you running the polygraph tests.

When making use of the polygraph test, the turnaround time for the machine to stabilise is anything between 30 seconds to a minute. This can be considered a slight disadvantage as it prolongs the examination process and might skew the data as the person being examined is getting anxious between the questions.

The Convenience of the Voice Stress Test

The voice stress test has a much shorter turnaround time and can reset within three seconds. This results in there being a much shorter waiting period between each question. This test can also be seen as a convenient means of conducting a test as you don’t need to connect the person to a machine before you commence with the test.

Another benefit to this style of testing for deceit is, the test doesn’t need to be done within a specific location. The VST can be conducted within a remote setting. By taking this approach, you’ve got a better chance of obtaining accurate results as the person is within their own comfort zone.

Both the polygraph test and voice stress test have come a long way in recent years. With the continuous developments within technology, both these tests continue to be enhanced and improved. If you’re looking for a reputable company to assist you with conducting tests, reach out to the team at King Investigator. All the investigators have over a decades experience and only provide the highest quality service. Contact them today to book your assessment.