5 Tips For Preparing For A Polygraph Test

Going for a polygraph test doesn’t need to be as challenging as everyone makes it out to be. With sufficient preparation and understanding of the process, you should go into the interview room feeling confident and relaxed.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to do the polygraph test, you don’t need to be. Let’s take a look at  some helpful tips to assist you with the preparation.

Ensure You Understand The Polygraph Test Process

The polygraph testing machine doesn’t pick up the deceit directly but it rather measures some of physiological changes within your body. The machine measures your heart rate, blood pressure and can also measure your level of perspiration.

It’s also important to note, before the commencement of the test, you’ll be taken through the process, how the equipment works and what the equipment does. To ensure you’re sufficiently prepared, it won’t hurt to do your own research of your own to familiarise yourself with what you can expect.

Do An Enquiry To Establish Which Test Form Will Be Used

When you issued with the questions for the test, be sure to find out which polygraph test form will be used. The Control Quest Test is the most common form used but the Directed Lie Test and Guilty Knowledge Test form can also be used.

If you’re wondering what these tests are, you can expect the following from them:

  • Control Quality Test has control questions mixed into the questions. These Are yes/no questions.
  • Direct Lie Test requires you to directly lie when answering these questions.
  • Guilty Knowledge Test includes multiple choice questions to a variety of facts which only you and the examiner know about.

Go Through Your Test Questions

Within South Africa there aren’t laws that govern using polygraph testing. As no person can be forced to take a polygraph test, your written consent would have been requested. If you agree to take the test, you’ll be issued with all the questions which are being asked within the test.  This serves as a great advantage as it allows you the opportunity to do some preparation before the test ensuring you understand the questions being asked.

Ensure You Disclose Any Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical condition or are taking medication like blood pressure medication, you’ll need to inform your examiner of this. As you want the results to be as accurate as possible, by disclosing this information they can factor this in when doing the test with you.

You won’t be disqualified and you won’t fail the test for having a medical condition but it ensures the examiner can conduct the test in the most neutral setting. Asking someone to take a polygraph test can make them feel overwhelmed and nervous.

This is natural and you should be yourself when doing the test. As everyone responds to it differently, if you feeling nervous, this is okay, as long as you speak truthfully and don’t hide anything. The polygraph test isn’t as bad as what its made out to be.

Benefits of Requesting Surveillance Services

If you suspect your business is being targeted by devious employees, or if you think someone close to you is being dishonest, the last thing you want to do is to take it on yourself to bust them. It’s stressful enough trying to meet your obligations and live your life successfully, that you don’t want to be bogged down by these problems.

However, if you don’t address these concerns, it has the potential of becoming all-consuming, and fanning paranoia. Avoid this, and seek the services of professional surveillance services. T

here are many ways in which a professional approach can benefit you, and you can soon look forward to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep again. Here are only a few reasons why it pays to request professional surveillance services.

The Ability To Be Discrete

If you try and take the investigation on yourself, there’s a very good chance you’re going to get yourself caught and in significant trouble. By working through a professional company, they know how to be discrete and any investigations conducted is done professionally.

There’s also no need to fret over anyone ever finding out it was you who requested the investigation. It’s just one more reason why it pays to work with a professional surveillance service.

Getting The Hard Evidence Fast

Professional Investigation companies know their stuff. By entrusting in them to assist you in finding the truth, you know they’ll do it in a professional and efficient manner. After all, they’ve been in the game for a long period. Depending on the intensity of the investigation, or what the desired outcome is, you know you’ll get the evidence you need to make an informed decision.

As they’ve completed the necessary training to work as an investigator, your allocated investigator should work objectively and impartially. This is crucial within this line of work as you want to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.

The Business Side of Surveillance Services

If you’re looking to commence a new business venture, you might find it tricky establishing relationships with new people. By getting the assistance from a professional, they can gather the necessary information about your potential business partners. You can also verify any information they might have given to you and see if they’ve been truthful.

These are some of the many benefits to getting the assistance from a professional private investigation company and having surveillance services conducted. If you’re still uncertain as to how it works, contact King Investigators today. With their combined years of experience, they’ll be sure to clear any doubt you might be experiencing.

4 Reasons To Conduct A Due Diligence Investigation

Purchasing a business has several processes and procedures it needs to go through before the legal documents can be signed and processed. As part of this process, the need for conducting due diligence has become increasingly more important.

Not only does this protect the potential buyer but it’s the perfect opportunity to ensure all your business financials are up to date and processes and procedures being followed. This is not the only reason for conducting regular due diligence checks, compliance is also an important factor within any business. Here are some other reasons you should consider doing this check more regularly:

Gain A Deeper Understanding Into The Parties Involved

With any growing business venture, there comes a time where investors start showing interest in your business and it’s offering. Before just agreeing to take on investors, it’s recommended you run the due diligence and gather your own information into who they are and if it aligns with what they’ve told you.

Information Is A Powerful Thing

By getting a professional company in to complete a due diligence for you, you can ensure you’re taking every possible bit of information into consideration. Not only does this ensure you’ve got all the facts but it also assists in ensuring you making an informed decision that’ll benefit your business both in the short and long run.

The Ability To Identify Issues Which Might Not Have Been Shared With You

A due diligence has the ability to pick up more than just discrepancies in financial information. Some of the most common issues which are picked up can include and isn’t limited to:

  • False employment or qualification history
  • Criminal activity including drinking while driving
  • Having a bad history of trying to sue a company or person
  • Not disclosing involvement with corporate affiliations

These are just some potential issues which can be brought up if a due diligence has been completed correctly.  This sort of information is crucial for when conducting business transactions as you don’t want to be associated with a company that isn’t honest.

An Analysis of Your Marketing and Customer Information

Information protection has come up in the news more frequently with the constant reports of cyber threats and attacks. When conducting a due diligence, it gives you the opportunity to see what security measures are in place to protect your customers information, customer accounts and what agreements are in place to ensure these accounts are paid for in full.

When requesting a due diligence report, it’s important to note the difference between the information you’ve gathered and the information shared with you. You should make sure your team asks sufficient questions to ensure everything is running as it should.

If you’re looking for a company to handle your due diligence reports, be sure to reach out to the team at King Investigators. Their team of private investigators are on standby to answer any questions you might have about the process and what all it entails.

How To Protect Your Business With A Private Investigator

Having a standing contract with a private investigation company can benefit your company. For any businesses, the company’s brand and reputation should be protected from any reckless and illegal behaviour. With theft statistics constantly rising, especially within the digital age, businesses throughout the globe need to ensure they’ve the correct safety precautions in place. If you’re considering hiring a private investigator for your business, here are some ways in which they can protect your business.

Work With Your Talent Management Team For Employee Screening

The talent team at any company are kept busy throughout the day. From recruitment to assisting with people management, unless you’ve got the correct resources in place, a full background check on every potential candidate isn’t possible to complete by your team in house.   By reaching out to a private investigator, they can assist your talent team:

  • Verifying all the shared information in resumes are true
  • Ensuring candidates don’t have criminal backgrounds
  • Checking candidates haven’t been let go from previous employment due to violence

Protecting Employees From Other Employees Illegal Activities

Depending on the industry you in, you might find yourself in a difficult position where you’ve been accused of something you didn’t do. Now depending on the severity of the accusation, b having a dedicated private investigator for your business, they can assist the talent division in conducting the investigation and gathering the necessary information for the company to proceed.

Assist In Putting Prevention Strategies In Place

Often employees are left to their own devices when it comes to task management,  as it’s done in good faith, the employee will act out their duties in an honest and respectable manner. Sometimes this isn’t the case and there are instances of fraud and theft. By having a private investigator on board, often this is sufficient to deter people from trying their luck.

Together with your systems and technology division, your private investigator can help with the placement and set up of 24 hour surveillance. They can also assist in identifying any potential dead spots and what sort of measures can be put into place for those areas. By doing this, you reduce the chances of an employee doing something they shouldn’t as they know they being recorded.

The Recovering of Assets and Information

Even with the various precautionary measures in place, sometimes theft is impossible to avoid. For some people, the temptation may be too much and they think they can get away with doing it just this once. When money is involved, its crucial management are informed of the incident and you act immediately. The longer you take to try and retrieve the money, the more time the culprit has to make that money untraceable.

Get The Assistance Of A Private Investigation Firm

These are just some benefits to partnering up with a private investigation firm. As protecting your business and its information should be your number one priority, you’ll want to know you did everything you could. Reach out to the team at King Investigations today to discuss your business requirements. With over a decades experience, they’ll be sure to assist you in putting together an action plan that can meet your business needs.