The Business Benefits of Including Polygraph Test into Your HR Policies

Maintaining a high level if honesty and integrity at any company doesn’t come easily. With companies throughout the country putting preventative measures in place to reduce the risk of fraudulent and illegal activity, this has resulted in many companies reviewing the way in which the current HR policies and procedures are drawn up.  

An up and coming preventative tactic being considered by many businesses is through using polygraph testing. There are many business benefits to implementing this technique within company HR practices in a way in which it can protect both the company and the employee.

Setting the Employee Expectation from the Beginning

By incorporating polygraph testing into the current human resource practices, you’ve got the opportunity to set the expectation with employees from the beginning. If you’re attempting to roll this out into an existing work environment, you’ll need to conduct a series of seminars for employees.

This ensures they receive the correct training and information around it. Once the training has been conducted, they’ll need to sign to acknowledge they’ve attended the training and fully understand the induction of this technique.

Reducing the Opportunity To Partake In Illegal or Fraudulent Activity

When conducting updates to your company policies, it would be beneficial to define the time frame in which someone could be requested to take a polygraph test and how frequent these tests should be.

As the tests can be done at random, it ensures there is a clear expectation that illegal or fraudulent behaviour won’t be tolerated within the business. It also assists in bringing up issues that might have not been reported before.

Understanding the Basic Conditions of Employment and Polygraph Tests

Polygraph testing is considered as being a new concept within HR business practices, there are minimal l laws and regulations surrounding using it. No person can be forced to take a polygraph test unless written consent is given. This is where your training comes into effect and the permission letter all employees should sign.

A Pre-Employment Screening Tool

As every company is different, as part of the recruitment process, you can explore the option of introducing pre-employment screening. By doing this, you can use this test as an opportunity to confirm the information within candidates CVs.

It also helps to ensure they’re being truthful. It helps you make an informed decision in conjunction to their competency tests and reference checks.

There are a variety of business benefits to including polygraph testing into your business practices. If you’re looking to conduct updates to your company procedures, reach out to the team at King Investigators.

With their combined years of experience, you’ll have no problem in clarifying any questions or concerns you might. They can also provide information regarding the process to follow, and how you can roll it out.