If you suspect infidelity it may be time to hire a private investigator.

One of the most stressful, damaging things that can occur in any relationship is infidelity. The uncertainty that surrounds any suspicion of infidelity by your partner or spouse is painful and confusing.  Just suspecting your partner or spouse of cheating is the beginning of a breakdown in trust, one that is rarely fixed by protestations of innocence by your spouse.

Cheating is also one of the main reasons behind our high divorce rates, and once you suspect infidelity, it is difficult to reign in highly charged emotions that are not yet based on fact, making it even more difficult to know what to do about it.

In a mobile world it is even easier to get away with cheating, all it takes is to step out to take or make a call on a cell phone and keep that phone password protected; in fact anything that is on computer or any mobile device can be password protected.

If you have a strong suspicion that your partner is cheating, saving yourself from the heartache of protracted uncertainty is going to require proof, and, if it is a partnership or marriage that is going to require good legal backup, you are going to have to take the huge leap and hire a private detective to get the proof legally.

Trying to gather evidence on your own, or getting friends and family to help is going to get you nowhere if you need it for divorce proceedings. Evidence has to be gathered professionally, within the law, if it is to be of any value in either a divorce or custody case.

King Investigators is owned by Jacques Botha, and, with over ten years’ worth of experience in gathering information on cheating spouses that cannot be thrown out in any court proceeding, he and his team of investigators will make sure that they get to the truth.

With extensive knowledge in criminal and civil investigations, King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg have been involved in high risk investigations that have covered the globe, from South Africa to Switzerland, Brazil and Argentina, as well as in Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia.

With this high level of international experience, King Investigators understands just how difficult it is for anyone to reach out for proof of infidelity, giving this team of investigators the sensitivity necessary to communicate with clients who are dealing with a devastating situation.

Another important reason for hiring a registered, reputable and honest private investigator, is that they work with each client to establish a plan of action that will provide them with evidence that is tailored to the client’s budget and their requirements.

If the evidence proves that your spouse is cheating, words none of us even want to think about, you are going to need that evidence when it comes to divorce, child custody and support cases, as well as the tracking of hidden assets to add strength to the case.

King Investigators have worked with thousands of cases of cheating spouses, and with their specialist experience in covert surveillance, will provide video and still photos, as well as professional reports, to back up all the evidence collected.

Contact King Investigators if you are ready to uncover the truth, your investigator from this team of professionals will help you to negotiate these uncharted waters in absolute confidence.

Get to the truth with King Investigators in Johannesburg & Pretoria

Although King Investigators are based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, this is a team of highly trained operatives who are able to provide a broad range of private investigations and undercover services to private individuals and the business sector on an international scale.

The range of cases that can be resolved effectively by King Investigators using discreet surveillance and other undercover tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating spouses and the infidelity of partners
  • Insurance claims investigations
  • Due diligence Investigations
  • Polygraph testing and voice stress analysis
  • Debugging
  • Workman’s compensation fraud
  • Criminal cases such as murder
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Investigations into drug abuse and the drug trade

King Investigators are registered professionals, and, having become one of the top private investigations firms in South Africa, is a trusted name in an industry that demands a high level of honesty, integrity and discretion

The investigators, along with Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, are comprised of highly trained professionals committed to avoiding issues such as entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing and invasion of privacy.

Obtaining evidence illegally, whether it is about a cheating spouse or corporate espionage and theft, if tactics like this are used, any evidence gathered becomes obsolete.

By the time King Investigators produces their final investigative report to you, you can trust that all evidence gathered has been done so with the highest level of professionalism and discretion, assuring you of the validity and honesty of the information gathered.

Using the latest technology, King Investigators are able to get to the truth in any case, especially as they have access to information out of reach for the average man on the street.

It is for this reason that King Investigators also works closely with police services; when the police get to a certain point in the justice system, they need to call in private investigators to reach into areas that are out of bounds for them, but they will only work with trusted investigators.

Many large corporations have hired private investigators to carry out business intelligence services on their behalf, in an effort to protect themselves from theft, either of goods or of sensitive company information, which, if sold to the wrong people can seriously compromise the business and shareholders.

Debugging in this highly technical world is another important aspect of the work carried out by King Investigators.

This is a highly technical procedure and King Investigators keeps up with all the changes and latest developments in bugging devices and tracking devices in order to deliver results that can be trusted.

By remaining up to date with these developments, King Investigators offers you the assurance that if your home, business or vehicle has been bugged, or that your home or business computer has spyware installed, they have the knowledge and experience to find and dispose of these dangers.

Getting to the truth and providing clients with incontrovertible evidence of any wrongdoing by any party, whether a cheating spouse or theft in the workplace, is the bottom line for King Investigators!

If you are looking for evidence that is gathered by private investigators who value integrity, then King Investigators in Johannesburg or Pretoria should be your first call.

Why private investigators need to remain detached from the outcome of investigations.

Private investigators go through intense training in order to have the knowledge to carry out many different types of investigations, and it is this training, along with experience, that puts any PI in a position to investigate without preconceptions or emotional attachment to the outcome.

No one enjoys delivering bad news, and private investigators are just as human on this score as the rest of us, the difference is that as professionals, they are able to remain focussed and neutral, no matter what the outcome of the investigation may be.

The role of the private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria who form part of the King Investigators team is simply to work according to the brief presented by a client, carry out the investigation and then deliver bona fide evidence that cannot be disputed.

If a private investigator got emotionally involved during the course of investigations, their professionalism would be compromised.

Investigating infidelity or a cheating spouse is an emotionally charged step for any spouse or partner to tackle on their own, too much can go wrong if private individuals try to do the investigation on their own.

Just taking the step to speak to or meet with a private investigator to discuss finding proof of infidelity is tough enough, but to go through the steps alone, gathering photos, following the spouse or trying to get video evidence, is going to make the experience even more painful for someone who is unqualified.

The other side of this coin is that if a spouse or partner is looking for proof of cheating that can be used in court, any evidence obtained has to have been gathered legally.

There are strict guidelines that govern how far private investigators are allowed to go in order to obtain evidence of any wrongdoing, whether it’s a cheating spouse, fraud or criminal acts.

This is why it’s essential to make sure that the private investigator you choose to work with is registered with PSIRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority regulating the private security industry.

What is important for the investigators at King Investigators is to do a thorough assessment with each client in order to make sure that the goals of each investigation will be met, which is how an investigative map is created to drive the investigation in the right direction to reach the required goals.

When King Investigators has carried out any investigation, the final report is one that carries the hallmark of honesty and integrity, providing video evidence, photos and a written report (should a written report be required).

Because the private investigator involved in any case remains emotionally detached during the course of any investigation, they are able to maintain a fully professional approach irrespective of the ultimate outcome of the investigation.

The only goal at King Investigators is to work within the guidelines expressed by each client, according to individual budgets, and then to deliver proof that, if need be, will stand up to scrutiny in any court.

If for any reason you are looking for a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, please contact King Investigators to set up a free consultation, whether at their offices or at any other place in which you are comfortable.

With over ten years’ worth of investigative experience, you can rely on this team to deliver honest, professional results, without dragging their feet in order to pad your bill or presenting you with illegally obtained information.

Why do attorneys have close ties to professional private investigators?

Having a good relationship with a trusted, professional private investigator takes a load off the need for an attorney to gather facts to make a solid case stick when it comes to trial.

Law enforcement can only go so far before an investigation is halted as a result of restrictions placed on their actions, which is when a private investigator is called in to gather evidence that the police are not allowed to pursue without warrants.

Naturally, private investigators are not above the law, however, they do have more leeway than that of the police in the course of compiling legitimate evidence that will stand up in court.

An attorney generally has more than one case to work on at a time, which is why they will work with a private investigator they can trust.  The attorney and private investigator share a common goal in accumulating all the evidence that’s required to prove or disprove any case before the court, legitimately.

In a criminal case, the evidence laid out before the court needs to be of such a high standard that it can assist in establishing enough reasonable doubt to prove that the person accused is not responsible for committing the crime for which they are being tried.

Why do attorneys work with private investigators?

  • Finding details & locating witnesses missed during an initial investigation:

Because private investigators are also required to have an understanding of the legalities associated with investigating for a criminal defence, once they have a clear understanding of a specific case and the charges being brought, they will know what to look for in terms of material provided by the prosecution.

A private investigator will take this discovery, as it is called in the legal profession, and work through every aspect of the evidence provided, painstakingly combing through police reports, photos, witness statements, copies of evidence and more, in order to find any holes in the material presented.

Going over witness statements and interviewing these witnesses again where necessary, often leads to a change in statement or the discovery of ulterior motives on the part of the witness to mislead the initial investigators, which could prove to be invaluable to the defence team.

In the same vein, by the time a private investigator gets involved in a criminal case, they may be able to find witnesses that did not come forward during the initial stages of a police investigation.

  • Private investigators remain objective & understand legalities involved in criminal cases:

When an attorney is ready to present the case of a defendant, the evidence examined, scrutinised and added to by further investigation is presented from an impartial point of view by a professional investigator who understands the nuances of the legalities involved in the process.

The presentation of tainted evidence has resulted in many a case that is lost for the defence, which is yet another of the major reasons attorneys work with experienced, licenced private investigators.

Attorneys know that an experienced, highly trained private investigator understands the importance of gathering and then maintaining the chain of custody during investigation, ultimately presenting criminal defence attorneys with evidence that is undisputable.

To find out more about the full range of investigative services offered by King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, chat to the team online or give them a call to discuss the goal you wish to achieve through an honest investigation carried out by registered professionals.