How serious are you about background checks in your business & personal life?

The faster life moves, the more powerful technology becomes and the easier it gets to use this technology to fool others, the more important it becomes to do background checks, whether you are comfortable with it or not.

It’s not exactly fun to have to dig up any details about a new love that has arrived in your life, but, today the risks are just too great to take a chance on your innocent ‘gut’ feeling.

Everyone who is contemplating a new romantic relationship is vulnerable, susceptible to the dictates of the heart, but, everyone deserves to know what they’re getting into before any hearts are broken.

The most perfect love interest could turn out to be someone with a history of abusive behaviour, an alcoholic or drug addict, among other issues that could cause unbearable pain by the time you’re in too deep!

This is when it’s time to get real and talk to a registered, professional and trusted private investigator in South Africa.

The investigators at King Investigations have literally seen it all, and as a result, are keenly sensitive to the difficulties of investigating someone new in your life.

On a business level, don’t you want to be absolutely sure that you have all the information you need to feel confident that you’ll be taking on a new business partner you can trust, before you get hit hard, either in terms of financial fraud or the selling of company trade secrets?

If you’re planning on merging with another company or starting a new business with a few different investors, it’s also essential to have as much information as possible about all the players before signing on the dotted line, and it’s impossible to do this on your own!

As King Investigators say: ‘If someone you are taking on as a new business partner is already hiding assets and wealth from you before the ink is dry on paper, how much will you be able to trust them in your own venture?’  You might end up kissing potential future profit goodbye without this type of in-depth background information!

Of course there is also the issue of just how much of a battleground some divorce proceedings become, with parties hiding wealth and other assets they have no desire to part with in the divorce!

Only an ethical, honest private investigator can gather all the facts about these issues, using tools and techniques that are not available to the general public, or to anyone who is not a licensed investigator.

Employee background checks and comprehensive employment reports have also become a necessity in this day and age of technologically enhanced fraud.

Not every company that lets an employee go is going to give the reason for the dismissal or press charges, which means that you may well end up with an employee who looks good on face value, but dig a little deeper, and you may be in for more than your fair share of trouble!

In the final analysis, and considering that there are many other situations that require a deep background investigation, investing in a background check, whether in your personal or business life, is going to be a priceless asset if it means that you will be protected on all fronts.

Let Jacques Barlow and his team of private investigators at King Investigators set your mind at ease with professional, in-depth background checks that will save money and time for your business, and a lot of heartache on the personal front at a later stage!