How to Trace a Long Lost Relative Quickly

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to reconnect with a long-lost relative or friend, you’ve probably thought about trying to track them down. It might be someone you’ve last seen in high school and you’re wondering what they’re up to. Maybe you’re curious about a former romantic partner. Or perhaps it’s a child or parent you’ve lost touch with after a falling out and you’re hoping to reunite and make amends.

No matter who you’re trying to find and why, tracing someone is difficult. Which is why we’ve compiled some steps you can take to start your search.

  1. Collect information

You’ll want to spend time gathering information about the person you’re trying to locate from various sources. Try to remember where they were born, their date of birth, middle initials, last known location, career information, hobbies as well as details regarding their personality such as quirks, likes and dislikes. Even the slightest of details might help to trace them.

  1. Start searching

Once you’ve gathered as much information on the person in question, start searching immediately. Search engines like google, bing and yahoo are an effective way to obtain information instantly. Another excellent starting point would be social networking sites. Facebook, for instance, has over a billion users globally, making them the biggest search engine by far. You can look for someone using their name, location and even a group like their graduating class from high school.

  1. Hire a private investigator

If you still can’t find the person you wish to trace, you might want to consider hiring a private investigator. They have the experience, skills and tools necessary to find people who have disappeared. It’s vital to provide them with as much information as possible since their ability to trace someone essentially relies on this.

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