Reasons You Might Need To Take A Lie Detector Test

King Investigators are devoted to the truth and utilises polygraph testing to obtain accurate responses. While the individual is being interrogated and replies to some different questions, the lie detector test measures and records various physical reactions, for example, variations in blood pressure,  breathing patterns and skin conductivity. We offer the following lie detector test options:

Specific testing:

Where subjects are tested about a particular occurrence or crime.

Confirmatory tests:

Supporting honesty of claims – particularly if a couple of contradictory statements are presented by several individuals regarding the same matter.

Routine tests:

To determine the trustworthiness of your current staff members. These kinds of tests are typically done every three to four times per year and is an effective strategy to prevent theft and dishonesty in the office.

Pre-employment assessments:

Occupation validation and credibility concerning an individual’s job application. A lie detector test illustrates any participation in fraud, theft or drugs.

Criminal examination:

Fingerprints are recorded via a fingerprint reader to the SAPS with a return outcome analysis within 36 hours.

Tracing services:

These solutions can uncover info about ex-husbands or ex-wives, for instance, their financial position concerning child maintenance, track the location of individuals for outstanding financial debt. Alternative results include the uncovering of financial records, debt reviews, fraudulent activity detection, traces in respect of ignored court hearings, tracking of third parties and witnesses in car accidents, acquiring of automobile accident reports from police and traffic departments, insurance info and claims.

Validation services:

These services include:

  • The exposing of title search confirmation
  • Business asset validation
  • Vehicle verification data
  • Banking account authentication
  • Credit report checks
  • Verifying academic certification
  • Job verification
  • Individual verification assistance
  • Date of birth
  • ID numbers
  • Registration numbers
  • Full names and surnames
  • Home and office address details
  • E-mail addresses
  • Resumes
  • Verification of insurance information
  • Beneficiaries of estates
  • Relationship/marriage status
  • Alive/deceased status
  • Connections and associates

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