Surveillance – the prime investigative tool used by private investigators.

A private investigator will use surveillance to cover a multitude of cases, from obtaining evidence in a child custody case to locating missing persons, gathering evidence of insurance fraud or of infidelity.

Undercover surveillance is also carried out on behalf of businesses who are experiencing theft of goods or misappropriation of funds.

The reasons for close observation of a business premises or a person are varied, but the one thing absolutely necessary to carry out successful surveillance is experience.

The whole idea behind surveillance is to be able to closely observe people without being noticed, as well as being able to employ all the gadgets that state of the art technology offers to enhance surveillance and the gathering of evidence for any case.

Surveillance today still plays a fundamental role in the gathering of incontrovertible evidence of any wrongdoing, but it has to be carried out by seasoned professionals in order to be truly effective.

Tried and tested methods of visual surveillance:

Advanced technology has provided private investigators with high tech digital video cameras able to store an overwhelming amount of footage. These video cameras offer visual proof in HD, which is clear enough to be used in court.

The battery life and zoom capabilities of these video cams include time stamps on every video and image, backing up the evidence even further. The long battery life on these high tech cameras also means that the investigator can stay on the case longer than ever before.

All of this cuts down on the amount of information that needs to be recorded in any professional written report handed in by a private investigator at the conclusion of the case.

Smart phones have also come into their own as a surveillance tool for private investigators.  People are always hauling out their phones to take photos, which means that a private investigator can use one without attracting any attention at all.

There will also be times when a video camera is just too big to take on a certain leg of the investigation, especially if footage is being shot in a public place like a restaurant or other public places.

This is where micro cameras come in handy so that the investigator’s cover isn’t blown. Micro cameras can be disguised as anything from a Bluetooth headset to a button, making sure that no one is any the wiser of being observed in a public place.

While an investigator is following a subject he will use a nondescript car during surveillance, but to cut down on time spent following a subject, GPS trackers have also become part of the arsenal of tools a private investigator may be able to use under certain circumstances.

Unfortunately there are still some legal issues that need to be ironed out when it comes to using GPS trackers, as in most cases the permission of the vehicle owner is required, which would negate their use. That is unless it’s an infidelity case and the wife has the legal right to grant permission.

As professional private investigators in Pretoria who have a reputation for exceptional service to uphold, King Investigators has racked up an impressive amount of surveillance hours over the ten years plus since this team first hung out their shingle.

If you have a case that’s going to require the services of a surveillance expert, please contact King Investigators to book a free confidential consultation to lay the groundwork for a successful investigation.

How do private investigators go about finding evidence of infidelity?

No one wants to face the heartache that the words ‘infidelity’ or ‘cheating spouse’ evoke, but if you’re faced with the reality of having to deal with infidelity, its best that you hire a professional private investigator to find evidence the right way.

Just thinking about infidelity is enough to play havoc with emotions, and in this condition we can’t think straight enough to attempt to tackle the situation on our own, without becoming embroiled in emotionally volatile situations.

If you need proof that your spouse is cheating, the evidence will have to be collected according to the standards set by the courts, and this can only be done by a private investigator who knows what the legal boundaries are.

King Investigators in Pretoria have handled thousands of cases involving cheating spouses, and in every case they’ve left no stone unturned in order to get to the truth, whatever it may be.

You may simply want to confirm any suspicions you may have before you start divorce proceedings, especially if you’ve been led to believe it’s all in your imagination.

It needs to be said here that marriage can survive an affair, provided that both parties are willing to work hard to heal the wounds left by infidelity.  Not all is always lost when one spouse cheats!

Why hire a private investigator for cases involving infidelity:


A private investigator brings objectivity to a difficult situation by providing circumstantial evidence of cheating before you make the decision to seek a divorce. This is the only way that you can make a well-informed decision before you take the next step in the relationship.

The other reason for hiring a private investigator to find proof of infidelity is intended to provide incontrovertible evidence of infidelity that will stand up to scrutiny in court.

In addition to the final investigative report, photos and video evidence compiled, a private investigator may be called on to give evidence in court if necessary, though this is seldom required if you’ve hired a private investigator who acts out of integrity and professionalism.




How does a private investigator gather evidence of infidelity?

There are laws that govern private investigators and how they may go about collecting evidence of infidelity. If these are not adhered to, the evidence will be of absolutely no value.

An experienced, licensed private investigator will know exactly how to go about collecting evidence to be presented honestly and transparently. He or she will not compromise your case by being irresponsible.

What a well experienced private investigator can do is to use state of the art video equipment in order to provide video and photographic evidence of suspicious activity discovered during surveillance.

Only a private investigator who knows the lay of the land locally is going to be able to carry out surveillance without being noticed.  The surveillance will only be conducted for as long as it’s necessary to gather the evidence needed to prove infidelity.

Consulting King Investigators:

The first thing you’ll need to do is to book a confidential consultation with Jacques Botha at King Investigators in Pretoria.  At this consultation you’ll be able to clarify how you’d like the investigation to proceed.

At this meeting you’ll also be able to share information with your private investigator about your spouse so that the investigative approach can be decided on.

This is also when you’ll be able to discuss what you’ll be looking at in terms of charges for the services provided by Jacques and his team. You can also get an idea what you may be looking at in terms of the length of the investigation.

The types of investigative services that can be provided will also be discussed.  This would include a range of services that cover everything from surveillance to conducting a search of assets.

King Investigators will take you through this difficult experience with sensitivity and professionalism so that the end result will be evidence that is legally acquired and will stand up to scrutiny in court.

4 Reasons private individuals will hire a private investigator.

Although an investigative company like King Investigators in Pretoria offers business intelligence and due diligence investigations for companies, they’re highly experienced in carrying out investigations for individuals in their private capacity as well.

There are many reasons that an individual would hire a private investigator, but the bottom line is that they need a consummate professional to gather incontrovertible evidence in personal matters.

It takes skill to uncover information and to carry out surveillance, which is why it’s best you hire a private investigator with an impeccable reputation to gather the evidence you require in your specific case.

Here are 4 reasons private individuals will hire a private investigator:

  • Divorce:

Infidelity and divorce often go hand in hand, and if suspicions of infidelity are raised in a marriage, only a professional is able to provide irrefutable evidence that can be used in court.

Anything less will be of no value once lawyers start tearing evidence apart.

A private investigator is highly trained in remaining discreet and being able to observe the subject of an investigation without having their cover blown.  A professional investigator also knows the dos and don’ts of gathering evidence, so that all evidence is gathered according to strict industry standards.

Other reasons a private investigator may be involved in divorce cases is to gather evidence of any drug use and other illegal activities the subject is involved in that may lead to a positive outcome for the client during a divorce case.

2       Child custody and child abuse:

When parents are fighting for custody or to retain child custody rights it’s generally a very contentious issue, cutting to the core of any responsible parent who wants to give their child the best in a difficult situation.

If there is any suspicion that there is neglect, negligence or abuse taking place when a child is with the other parent, evidence that cannot be disputed needs to be gathered by a professional to give the results any weight when it comes to the custody case.

Making sure that the other parent is sticking to custody arrangements is another reason that individuals hire private investigators.

Custody arrangements are there to be observed for the protection and safety of the child. This is of paramount importance to the court, and if any part of the arrangement is being compromised, the welfare of the child will be placed above all else and custody arrangements amended according to evidence provided to back up these claims.

3       Family issues:

When parents are concerned that their children are involved in dangerous behaviour and illicit drug use, a private investigator will gather the evidence necessary to confirm suspicions, so that parents and other family members are able to intervene to protect their children from further damaging behaviour.

A spouse may also call in a private investigator to find out whether or not their spouse is involved in gambling, drug use or any other dangerous activities.

4       Domestic Abuse:

Unfortunately, most people who are victims of domestic abuse find it difficult to prove domestic abuse without the aid of a professional investigator.

The private investigator is able to assist the victim of domestic abuse to record everything they can about the abuse they’re living with, whether physical, mental, sexual or emotional.

The evidence that a private investigator is able to uncover in the course of a domestic abuse case is of great value where it comes to seeking protective orders, divorce or child custody cases.

The families of those abused often hire a private investigator to gather as much evidence as possible to allay or confirm their suspicions before any action is taken to protect the family member being abused.

Contact the top private investigators in Pretoria:

King Investigators bring skill, experience and professionalism to any investigation, ultimately leading to evidence that’s delivered with complete transparency and integrity.

Don’t hesitate to call on this trusted team of investigators, no matter what the case is. At the very least you can expect sound advice about the way forward in what are generally difficult circumstances!

When people go missing you need the help of a professional private investigator.

Most of us don’t have the knowledge or resources to begin an in-depth search for a missing person, which is why finding a professional investigator is your best option.

Why people go missing:

When friends or family members go missing it’s frightening and highly stressful, especially when you don’t know why they’ve gone missing.

There are a variety of reasons that people go missing, ranging from those who simply leave because they aren’t coping with life, to those who are skipping out on criminal or civil court cases.

Unfortunately there are also cases in which someone is abducted or has become a victim of a crime, especially if family and friends are absolutely certain that the person would never just have run away.

When children are abducted by one or the other parent it’s even more difficult to deal with, but with the help of a professional investigator the chances of finding the child are a lot better.

There are some people who disappear on their families, leaving them bereft, confused and in many cases, in dire financial trouble.

Witnesses to a crime also need to be found in order to take a case to court. When people come into an inheritance and can’t be found a private investigator has to be called in to exhaust all avenues in finding the person, so the relevant estate can be wound up.

Often people also disappear when they owe large sums of money. So as you can see, the reasons anyone disappears are myriad, which means that as many investigative approaches will need to be used.

The role of police in finding missing persons:

The police services are only able to do so much where it comes to finding a missing person.  Police resources are already stretched to the limit due to exceptionally high crime rates. Though they do the best they can, the police can only give a missing persons case a limited amount of time before it becomes a cold case.

The role a private investigator plays in tracing missing people:

Private investigators have resources to trace missing people that the average man in the street cannot access, which is why you need to make sure you have an accomplished professional to tackle the trace.

Ultimately, private investigators aren’t restricted by the same laws as the police, and although they may not overstep the boundaries of the law, they are able to go places the police aren’t allowed.

Here are just a few basic examples of what a private investigator can do to trace missing people:

Surveillance – surveillance gives the private detective the opportunity to visit places the missing person may be at any given time, or to keep track of anyone suspected of being involved in the disappearance of a missing person. Surveillance also involves photos and videos where necessary.

Locating debtors – because private detectives aren’t bound by the same strict laws as police, they’re able to go into places no one else can in order to find a debtor that’s hiding out or on the run.

Networking – a well-established professional private investigator will have built up an extensive network of investigators and other people who can be brought on board to assist in the search for a missing person.  A private investigator can also pay informants for information, something which is frowned on by the police services.

Internet searches, tracing contacts of the missing person and public records are also included in the investigative techniques used by a private investigator tracing missing people.

Whether you’re trying to find someone who owes you money, a friend you’ve lost contact with, a missing relative or a loved one, contact King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg to help you trace those who are missing.

King Investigators will ask you to give them as much information as possible about the person you want traced in order to get started on doing what they do best: tracing missing people in South Africa.

Understanding the process of private investigation from start to finish.

There are many very different reasons that anyone contacts a private investigator, which means that the seasoned professional is able to carry out investigations across the board.

If it’s the first time you’re considering hiring a private investigator, it can seem pretty intimidating, especially since you have no idea of what to expect.

For a start, make sure you’re dealing with a professional private investigations company that sticks to the rules and won’t jeopardize the investigation by using underhand tactics.

Experience counts for a lot.  If the private detective you hire hasn’t been in the business for a long time, you’re liable to be entering into somewhat murky waters.

Ask all the questions you need to in order to make sure that you have the best on your side. It’s your prerogative to dig as deep as you need to, before you trust someone to deliver the results you need in all honesty and with full disclosure.

IMPORTANT: The PI needs to understand the law so that, depending on the case, he or she will know how to obtain evidence that’s of the standard and quality required for a successful conclusion.

Let’s look at one of the most common type of cases handled by private investigators in South Africa:


You’ll contact the private investigator to discuss your suspicions of infidelity on the part of your spouse or life partner.

Any really good private investigator will make this difficult initial meeting as easy as possible, considering the circumstances, and if they’re worth their salt, they’ll handle the situation with the sensitivity that should come from experience.

From here you can discuss whether you need confirmation of infidelity for personal reasons, or whether you’ll need the evidence to take to court in the case of a divorce.

A professional private investigator will tailor the investigation to respect your requirements, and will also be completely up front when it comes to discussing your budget.

You should also expect that the investigator will be available to you throughout the investigation, and will keep a clear channel of communication open with you.

The Investigation

If you choose to work with a well-established company like King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, you’ll know that everything they do to gather the evidence required will be completely within legal parameters.

This is the only way to be absolutely sure that, should you require the evidence for a divorce or custody case, it’ll be rock solid.

To gather the necessary evidence to be presented in court, your investigator will follow your spouse to find out where they are and where they go, based on information given by you.

This type of mobile surveillance is the best way to gather proof, however, it can only be conducted in public areas. Invasion of privacy and misrepresentation is out if you want evidence that’ll stand up in court.

What type of evidence can you expect at the conclusion of the investigation?

  • Time stamped photos
  • Video proof
  • Professionally compiled reports summing up activity not included in photographic or video evidence to support what has been gathered.

Why King Investigators in Johannesburg?

King Investigators has an extensive network of private detectives that produce results of the highest level and quality, without compromise.

Using state of the art technology combined with professionalism, you can trust this team to handle any case you bring to them with honesty and integrity.

When you need solid proof you can rely on, contact King Investigators for a free confidential consultation to set your mind at ease about the quality of evidence you’ll receive at the conclusion of the investigation.