How do private investigators go about finding evidence of infidelity?

No one wants to face the heartache that the words ‘infidelity’ or ‘cheating spouse’ evoke, but if you’re faced with the reality of having to deal with infidelity, its best that you hire a professional private investigator to find evidence the right way.

Just thinking about infidelity is enough to play havoc with emotions, and in this condition we can’t think straight enough to attempt to tackle the situation on our own, without becoming embroiled in emotionally volatile situations.

If you need proof that your spouse is cheating, the evidence will have to be collected according to the standards set by the courts, and this can only be done by a private investigator who knows what the legal boundaries are.

King Investigators in Pretoria have handled thousands of cases involving cheating spouses, and in every case they’ve left no stone unturned in order to get to the truth, whatever it may be.

You may simply want to confirm any suspicions you may have before you start divorce proceedings, especially if you’ve been led to believe it’s all in your imagination.

It needs to be said here that marriage can survive an affair, provided that both parties are willing to work hard to heal the wounds left by infidelity.  Not all is always lost when one spouse cheats!

Why hire a private investigator for cases involving infidelity:


A private investigator brings objectivity to a difficult situation by providing circumstantial evidence of cheating before you make the decision to seek a divorce. This is the only way that you can make a well-informed decision before you take the next step in the relationship.

The other reason for hiring a private investigator to find proof of infidelity is intended to provide incontrovertible evidence of infidelity that will stand up to scrutiny in court.

In addition to the final investigative report, photos and video evidence compiled, a private investigator may be called on to give evidence in court if necessary, though this is seldom required if you’ve hired a private investigator who acts out of integrity and professionalism.




How does a private investigator gather evidence of infidelity?

There are laws that govern private investigators and how they may go about collecting evidence of infidelity. If these are not adhered to, the evidence will be of absolutely no value.

An experienced, licensed private investigator will know exactly how to go about collecting evidence to be presented honestly and transparently. He or she will not compromise your case by being irresponsible.

What a well experienced private investigator can do is to use state of the art video equipment in order to provide video and photographic evidence of suspicious activity discovered during surveillance.

Only a private investigator who knows the lay of the land locally is going to be able to carry out surveillance without being noticed.  The surveillance will only be conducted for as long as it’s necessary to gather the evidence needed to prove infidelity.

Consulting King Investigators:

The first thing you’ll need to do is to book a confidential consultation with Jacques Botha at King Investigators in Pretoria.  At this consultation you’ll be able to clarify how you’d like the investigation to proceed.

At this meeting you’ll also be able to share information with your private investigator about your spouse so that the investigative approach can be decided on.

This is also when you’ll be able to discuss what you’ll be looking at in terms of charges for the services provided by Jacques and his team. You can also get an idea what you may be looking at in terms of the length of the investigation.

The types of investigative services that can be provided will also be discussed.  This would include a range of services that cover everything from surveillance to conducting a search of assets.

King Investigators will take you through this difficult experience with sensitivity and professionalism so that the end result will be evidence that is legally acquired and will stand up to scrutiny in court.