Here’s your list of investigative services offered by top private investigators in Pretoria.

Experienced private investigators with many years’ worth of experience in the industry should be able to carry out a broad range of investigative services, in order to provide clients with exactly what is needed in each case.

To do this, the investigator needs to have in-depth experience in every investigative technique, from investigating theft in a company, to finding proof of infidelity as well as extensive experience in undercover surveillance.

A high level use of the latest technology is also absolutely necessary. There are so many more avenues for criminality that have been opened since the advent of the internet.

To this end, a truly professional private investigator needs to remain fully plugged in and updated on the latest technology as it is released, so that it can be used to the benefit of the client in an ever-evolving technological age.

Even an issue such as infidelity has taken on a different character, with mobile phones, social media platforms and email opening up doors to easy cheating.

The same can be said for fraud and other white collar crimes. These days hiding the truth behind a scam or CV is easy if the one behind it is highly technologically savvy.

These are just a few of the issues a private investigator has to have a broad range of experience in to bring to the table in any investigation. If the one you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t have experience this extensive, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by placing your trust in him.

Investigative services offered by professional private investigators:

Cheating & infidelity:

Cases involving a cheating spouse, boyfriend, and girlfriend or life partner are among the most common investigations undertaken by private investigators in South Africa.

This type of investigation is never easy for the one hiring the private investigator. This makes it worth finding an investigator that has experience with investigations of infidelity or cheating, so that it will be handled with sensitivity and integrity.


Tracing missing people in South Africa has to be done by a local investigator. He has to have his ear to the ground and know the lay of the land like the back of his hand.

Trying to trace a missing person is nigh on impossible when you don’t even know where to start, but with the right investigator, armed with all available information, finding a missing person will be a lot more hopeful.

Business intelligence:

White collar crime is rife in business, which is why many companies and corporations form a trusted working relationship with the private investigator of their choice.

The investigator is able to provide investigative services that cover every crime from embezzlement to product theft and theft of trade secrets.

Background checks:

The type of information required to vet the background of anyone being considered for employment, involved in a divorce, planning a new business venture, or a myriad of other reasons, can’t be carried out by private individuals.

It takes knowledge and experience to dig up the details necessary to protect an individual or company in various situations.


Surveillance plays an integral part in many investigations. With the training and experience a professional investigator brings to the table, surveillance can be carried out without the subject being any wiser, no matter what the circumstances are.

Lie detector & polygraph services:

There are times when only a lie detector test or polygraph test will help to arrive at the truth of any situation.  These tests have to be administered by an experienced professional for them to carry any weight in a hearing of any kind, or in court.

Due diligence services:

High level executives rely on the ability of an investigator to provide them with comprehensive investigative reports that will have an impact on decisions involving investments, new business ventures or partners, for instance.

King Investigators rise to the challenge:

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