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If you’re going to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, make sure it’s the best.  If you want to make sure that the investigator doesn’t take the shirt off your back in the process, by prolonging the investigation or padding expenses, speak to King Investigators!

If you’re taking this step, do it the right way; choose a seasoned professional with an excellent reputation for results. Anything less than this is going to be throwing your money away on proof that is compromised and of no value.

King Investigators offers a broad range of investigative services that are tailored to the individual and to businesses, bringing valuable experience and insight to any case tackled, in order to deliver evidence that will be incontrovertible.

There’s no room for mistakes during an investigation, and if your private investigator lacks integrity, you can be pretty sure that the methods he uses to gather evidence will be suspect.  Not a good place to start building your case!

It’s very important, especially in cases that land up in court, that evidence is gathered according to the regulations governing private investigators in South Africa.

The Private Security Industry Regulation Act is enforced by PSIRA, which is in place to protect you from any shady operators or from any unprofessional conduct on the part of an investigator.

The fact that King Investigators is a registered member of PSIRA is proof that these investigators take their area of expertise very seriously, placing honesty and integrity ahead of anything else when it comes to working your case.

There are strict rules about how an investigator may go about gathering evidence in any case. Invasion of privacy, misrepresentation and entrapment are definitely out if you want the evidence to have any value.

State of the art technology is also of the essence in carrying out successful investigations, and at King Investigators, remaining on trend with the latest developments for use in the field is a number one priority.

While no case is off limits for this team of investigators, they will definitely not bend the rules or use illegal tactics to gather evidence. What they will do is to provide excellence during every aspect of the investigation, start to finish.

When a private investigator is able to tell you that he’s willing to guarantee your satisfaction with an investigation, you can rest assured that he’s on the up and up, which is exactly what Jacques Botha and his team offer.

Staying with the honesty you can expect from King Investigators, fees are always discussed up-front, so that you’ll have a good idea of costs involved in your case.

Besides which, this is a team that knows exactly how to make sure you are presented with the most cost effective way of bringing an investigation to a successful conclusion.

Services offered by King Investigators include gathering evidence of infidelity or fraud, providing quality business investigations, background checks and tracing of missing people.

If you need the assistance of the best, contact King Investigators today to get the ball rolling on your investigation.

The role a private investigator plays in business intelligence investigations.

Sophistication is the name of the game where it comes to the type of crimes facing business today.  Technology and the internet has made it possible for every person in the world to become a victim of any kind of financial crime.

Bribery and corruption, lying, stealing and cheating have all been around since the beginning of time, but today, technology has cast a worldwide net for cyber criminals and those intent on stealing from businesses, in every possible way.

Many corporations have wised up to the fact that engaging the services of a private investigator to work closely with management and shareholders on a regular basis is a good move, in order to protect their business interests.

If a company is planning on a new acquisition or considering merging with another company, an in-depth investigation will turn up any irregularities on the part of the company being considered.

There are many aspects that need to be covered in a business intelligence investigation, not least of which is the analysis of business records.

If the company being considered as an acquisition has been hiding any questionable financial transactions, they will be brought to light by an experienced investigator.

Investing in a company that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated, on every level, is a dangerous decision in today’s economic climate, and could lead to serious financial and reputational damage.

Internal theft and fraud is another area in which a private investigator is able to uncover the extent of the crime, and who is responsible for it.  If a company is being considered for investment, acquisition or merger, in-depth investigation is essential.

Anything that smacks of a damaged reputation is a red flag for a company considering expanding their business interests by way of acquisitions or merger.

If an individual or company has more money than it should according to reported sources of income, there’s reason to reconsider the investment.

The same danger would apply if there are foreclosures, bankruptcies filed or allegations of fraud in the history of an individual or company. This is definitely not where any company would want to get involved.

With the explosion of technology and the internet, stealing and selling company secrets is on the rise, and even easier to hide until it’s too late.

Organised crime is on the rise too, and with it, the increased risk to company secrets, such as planned product development, or moves to expand the company through acquisition.

The amounts of money involved in the bribery of employees in high level positions within the company, and the high price that this type of theft brings, is something that can only be addressed by bringing in an experienced investigator.

This is taking a proactive approach to thwarting any of these crimes.

Only a professional, experienced private investigator is able to offer services across the board to investigate, manage and prevent any of the crimes perpetrated in business today.

No business owner or shareholder is able to gather sufficient, irrevocable proof of any financial crimes such as those discussed here, which is why forging a close relationship with a reputable private investigator is the best protection any business could have.

King Investigators has over 10 years’ experience in the field of business intelligence, and can be relied on to produce results that are delivered with the utmost integrity and honesty.

If there are any doubts about the business protection services offered by King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, speak to owner Jacques Botha about references from other clients.

These recommendations will leave you in no doubt that you’ll be dealing with the best in the business intelligence investigations.

Cheating & infidelity in a mobile age.

Making the decision to hire a private investigator to find proof of infidelity is going to be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. It’s devastating to deal with the suspicion alone, but when you’re tired of being told you’re imagining it, you may want proof that you’re not, one way or another.

In this you won’t be alone.  There are thousands who share your pain and disappointment, which is why infidelity is one of the major reasons a private investigator is hired.

Statistics gathered by King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg show that up to 85% of people who suspect their partner of infidelity are right.

This is a painfully high percentage for anyone to accept, yet, all the signs that add up to the suspicion of infidelity or cheating, taken together, generally mean that it’s not imagined.

The advent of mobile technology has made having an affair even easier than it ever was unfortunately.

Making arrangements to meet a lover is easy with a cell phone. You won’t know whether your partner is deleting messages and clearing the call log, but you will notice that more calls are coming in or going out that aren’t familiar.

People that use cell phones as a means to communicate when having an affair will definitely be more furtive about calls made and received, and they’ll also be far more possessive over their phone than they may have been before.

Getting hold of your partner’s cell phone for proof isn’t going to be easy either, especially not if they’re involved in an affair. If you do manage to get hold of it, there’s password protection that’ll keep you out.

Depending on the personality or volatility of your spouse or partner, you may be heading into dangerous waters by trying to get information from their electronic devices.

Of course it’s not all about mobile devices or computers.  You’ll instinctively know that something’s up if your spouse suddenly starts paying closer attention to the way they look, how they dress and wear their hair.

If you’re partner has had to put in nights at work in general, you’ll know something isn’t right when there’s an increase in having to work overtime.

In any event, if you’ve made the decision to find the proof you need, either to set your mind at ease or to confirm the worst, you’ll need the most professional cheating spouse detective in South Africa to help you negotiate these murky waters safely.

King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg is a trusted name in the field of investigations into cheating spouses, and with good reason.

They understand just how difficult and painful it is to make the decision to hire a private investigator is in a situation as sensitive as this, and they’ll give you all the support you need to get through the investigation.

The team at King Investigators take your suspicions seriously, and as such, you can rely on them to do everything in their considerable power and experience to find proof and bring the case to a speedy conclusion.

They don’t want it to drag on any more than you do, of that you can be sure!

If you’re feeling trapped by feelings of helplessness in a situation you can’t prove or disprove on your own, contact King Investigators to provide you with all you need to base future decisions about your relationship on.

All about undercover surveillance.

King Investigators are highly trained undercover operatives who use the experience of over 10 years in the field to remain undetected in all their investigations.

This level of specialised training in surveillance is absolutely necessary in cases of infidelity, business intelligence, theft, fraud, and divorce or child custody cases.

It’s the only way that evidence can be gathered without putting their own client at risk of exposure during an investigation, and they put their reputation on the line willingly with every case involving undercover surveillance.

It’s a highly pressurised field that requires the investigator to have the experience and knowledge to know where to dig for evidence, and how to analyse all the evidence gathered during an investigation successfully.

The experience King Investigators brings to undercover surveillance in South Africa has rapidly expanded across borders into other Southern African countries, as well as into international waters on high risk operations.

So, what is undercover surveillance?

It’s basically a case of covertly observing people who are the subject of an investigation, without risking detection.  If surveillance is detected, the case will be compromised. In certain cases, the safety of the investigator could also put at risk, which is why this is an area that should only be undertaken by professionals.

Surveillance comprises of physical observation, as well as the use of highly sophisticated electronic monitoring devices, which allows investigators to monitor conversations carried out by the subject under surveillance.

3 types of surveillance:

Fixed surveillance:

We’ve all heard the term ‘stakeout’ in movies, well, this is what fixed surveillance is.  It’s about waiting in place to observe people and activities from a distance in order to gather evidence of their activities, criminal or otherwise.

A true professional will be able to carry out surveillance on his own, but it’s best to speak to your investigator about bringing in another investigator so that it becomes more difficult to be detected.

Undercover surveillance in the workplace is a bit trickier though. This requires that an investigator come in as an employee, without raising any suspicions, which is nigh on impossible for anyone but an experienced professional.

Stationary Surveillance:

Using high definition camera and recording equipment installed in a vehicle where it won’t be obvious, an investigator is able to record images and video footage without being on site, which lessens the risk of detection.

All the investigator has to do is to retrieve footage and sound bites when necessary and withdraw again, until all the evidence required is collected.

Electronic Surveillance:

Electronic surveillance centres on using electronic, audio-visual or digital methods to gather evidence while monitoring an individual, home or business.  CCTV, high definition cameras and video equipment, along with other electronic devices are all means that are used to gather evidence in a case.

It’s important to know that there are strict laws around the use of electronic surveillance because of underhanded tactics used by criminals to invade the privacy of innocent people.

As highly trained investigators, King Investigators has the knowledge and experience to stick to the letter of the law regarding electronic surveillance, specifically so that any evidence not found to be inadmissible in court.

If you have a case that’s going to involve undercover surveillance, contact King Investigators. By the time this team has carried out the investigation, you’ll be able to take the evidence to court in full confidence that it won’t be thrown out as a result of underhanded tactics!

Why choose King Investigators in Pretoria & Johannesburg to handle your case.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has been in the investigations industry for over ten years, bringing to every case a commitment to professionalism and honesty that offers a fresh perspective of what a private investigator really should be.

Jacques and his team of investigators have all put their time in to earn the high level of training that allows them to be effective investigators, able to guarantee absolute satisfaction with results produced for every client at the conclusion of any investigation.

Reputation is everything in this industry that has often been painted in a negative light, and King Investigators is totally dedicated to upholding the reputable name that has been earned by this team throughout the years, without compromise.

King Investigators also keep up with everything that involves the technological aspect of an investigation.  This is essential due to the ever-increasing sophistication of the latest spyware and tracking devices, surveillance equipment and cell phone monitoring equipment, among others.

It’s impossible to carry out an effective investigation without the latest technological tools and know-how today, and to this end, King Investigators has a finger on the pulse of every new gadget that is given the okay for use.

What’s also very important to many types of investigation, is that King Investigators has developed a massive network of professional investigative associates internationally and throughout South Africa.

These professional connections are what allow King Investigators to cross borders internationally to carry out investigations, as well as to act as support for international investigators requiring a trusted investigator on the ground in South Africa.

As registered members of PSIRA, which is the body that governs the security industry, clients can rely on King Investigators to avoid gathering any evidence through misrepresentation, entrapment or invasion of privacy, which would jeopardise the investigation.

King Investigators is able to offer competitive pricing, arrived at with absolute transparency through standing by their commitment to operating out of honesty and integrity at the highest level.

They know that any evidence gathered, whether for personal or business reasons, may need to stand up to scrutiny in court, and are not willing to waste anyone’s time or money on a phony investigation.

Because King Investigators is a licenced investigative firm, they are able to go where private individuals are unable to, in order to gather evidence pertinent to each case presented to the team.

Surveillance isn’t something the man in the street can carry out effectively without being caught at it by the subject under surveillance. Surveillance is an art, and only a professional will be able to do it without letting the subject of investigation be any the wiser.

For instance, during the investigation into a cheating spouse in South Africa, the client would be put in a compromising situation if the partner being investigated becomes aware that they’re under surveillance.

Investigations of any kind are always a delicate matter, whether it’s an investigation into infidelity or investigating a possible new board member or business partner, and each case brought to King Investigators is treated with the utmost discretion.

Professionalism, experience, integrity, honesty and a commitment to a strict code of ethics is the bottom line at King Investigators, and it is the combination of all these ingredients that make this the team to trust with your investigation.