The role a private investigator plays in business intelligence investigations.

Sophistication is the name of the game where it comes to the type of crimes facing business today.  Technology and the internet has made it possible for every person in the world to become a victim of any kind of financial crime.

Bribery and corruption, lying, stealing and cheating have all been around since the beginning of time, but today, technology has cast a worldwide net for cyber criminals and those intent on stealing from businesses, in every possible way.

Many corporations have wised up to the fact that engaging the services of a private investigator to work closely with management and shareholders on a regular basis is a good move, in order to protect their business interests.

If a company is planning on a new acquisition or considering merging with another company, an in-depth investigation will turn up any irregularities on the part of the company being considered.

There are many aspects that need to be covered in a business intelligence investigation, not least of which is the analysis of business records.

If the company being considered as an acquisition has been hiding any questionable financial transactions, they will be brought to light by an experienced investigator.

Investing in a company that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated, on every level, is a dangerous decision in today’s economic climate, and could lead to serious financial and reputational damage.

Internal theft and fraud is another area in which a private investigator is able to uncover the extent of the crime, and who is responsible for it.  If a company is being considered for investment, acquisition or merger, in-depth investigation is essential.

Anything that smacks of a damaged reputation is a red flag for a company considering expanding their business interests by way of acquisitions or merger.

If an individual or company has more money than it should according to reported sources of income, there’s reason to reconsider the investment.

The same danger would apply if there are foreclosures, bankruptcies filed or allegations of fraud in the history of an individual or company. This is definitely not where any company would want to get involved.

With the explosion of technology and the internet, stealing and selling company secrets is on the rise, and even easier to hide until it’s too late.

Organised crime is on the rise too, and with it, the increased risk to company secrets, such as planned product development, or moves to expand the company through acquisition.

The amounts of money involved in the bribery of employees in high level positions within the company, and the high price that this type of theft brings, is something that can only be addressed by bringing in an experienced investigator.

This is taking a proactive approach to thwarting any of these crimes.

Only a professional, experienced private investigator is able to offer services across the board to investigate, manage and prevent any of the crimes perpetrated in business today.

No business owner or shareholder is able to gather sufficient, irrevocable proof of any financial crimes such as those discussed here, which is why forging a close relationship with a reputable private investigator is the best protection any business could have.

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