Qualities that make a good private investigator

A really good private investigator has to have a broad range of skill sets in order to gather evidence in cases that involve everything from infidelity to fraud, especially since many investigations cross over from one form of investigation to another.

How do you know whether the private investigator you hire is any good?


Communication is essential in a good investigator, and you’ll know whether or not he has it from your first meeting.  During the course of an investigation, a private investigator has to be able to communicate with many different people from all walks of life in order to gather evidence, without anyone being any wiser.


Training is essential for any private investigator.  He needs to know about all the tools that can and can’t be used during an investigation, and, he also needs to know the rules governing private investigators.  Evidence gathered outside of these rules will be of no value to any client.


Nothing counts as much as experience in the investigative field.  In the case of someone like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in Gauteng, 10 years’ worth of experience has garnered him extensive knowledge to use effectively in criminal and civil investigations.

There is often a crossover from civil to criminal in an investigation, and it is vital that the investigator is able to follow both routes during an investigation.


In addition to experience, professionalism and integrity are two highly valued qualities a private investigator needs to gain credibility in his field.

Being registered with a body like PSIRA is an assurance that you are indeed working with a professional, one who understands and respects the regulations governing the industry and acts accordingly.


Any private investigator worth his salt will work quickly and efficiently to bring a case to a close, which means that he has to be able to manage his time effectively.  Along with this, he has to be available to his client at all times during an investigation in order to keep the lines of communication open on every level.


A good private investigator will do everything in his power to assure a client that their information will remain confidential at the highest level, and will make sure to keep all documentation pertaining to the investigation in a secure place, during and after the investigation.

Determination and tenacity

Giving up is not an option for a good private investigator!  Office hours certainly won’t apply as the investigator faces all the challenges and deals with any obstacles he may face during the course of an investigation.

It is this sheer determination not to give up that separates a good investigator from the rest, and this is what makes a private investigator truly successful in the gathering of evidence.


The advancement of technology has meant that the time it takes to bring a case to conclusion has been improved, but, this only happens if the private investigator you hire is able to use the technology available to access information across many platforms that weren’t available previously.

If for any reason you require the services of a private investigator that displays all of the above qualities and more, please contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat that’ll make the next step easier.

How to hire a private investigator in Gauteng, South Africa

If you’re planning to hire a private investigator, you need to be very careful about your choice.  This will be a person you’re going to share very confidential information with, and you need to be absolutely sure that you and the information will be fully protected during the investigation.

In cases that involve infidelity or cheating, it’s not as if you can ask for recommendations and information from friends and family. Most of us don’t want others to know that we’ve come to a point where we need to take such drastic action.

This means you have to find a private investigator on your own, and you’ll need a lot of discernment in order to sift the good from the bad, to make sure that your case will be in trusted hands.

Finding a private investigator for civil cases or those involving divorce and child custody is generally a little easier. This is because many attorneys have an established relationship with a private investigator they can trust to provide untainted evidence that’ll stand up to scrutiny in court.

Here’s how to hire a private investigator in Gauteng:

Check experience

Before you make any decisions, be your own private investigator and check the experience of investigators you may already have shortlisted. Training counts for nothing if it’s not backed up by experience and an intimate knowledge of the laws governing private investigations.

Check company stability

If the private investigator you’re considering has been able to sustain a stable investigative firm over the course of many years, then he or she is well worth looking into.  Consistency on the part of the investigator is very important to the overall success and sustainability of the firm, which goes a long way to earning a trusted reputation.

Check company registration

If the private investigator you’re looking at is not registered with PSIRA, don’t bother to go any further.  The rules governing the private investigations industry are there to protect you and to make sure that the investigator gathers evidence according to these standards.

Check scope of services

You do need to make sure that the private investigator you want to hire is able to do the type of investigation you’re bringing to him or her.  Not all private investigators offer polygraph testing, investigations into infidelity or fraud and theft for instance, so make sure the one you choose has the necessary background to carry out an effective investigation for your particular case.

Check recommendations

You are completely within your rights to ask a private investigator for recommendations from previous clients. If he or she tries to duck the issue, move along!

Check fee structure

A completely above-board private investigator will be completely open about the costs that you may be looking at for the investigation he or she will be carrying out for you, right from the start.

A professional private investigator will know how to structure the fee to suit your budget and still produce effective results.

Taking all of these steps into account, you can make it a lot easier on yourself to find an excellent private investigator in Gauteng if you start your enquiries with King Investigators.

This private investigative firm meets all the criteria for excellence in the industry, and have the reputation to prove it!

You are welcome to give these professionals a call for a confidential chat before you decide to go ahead with the investigation you’re planning, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision going forward.

Are your suspicions of infidelity real or imagined?

King Investigators in Johannesburg will tell you that based on research, and the statistics gathered, 85% of people who have that gut feeling that something isn’t as it should be in a relationship, are usually right.

It’s a lot easier to convince yourself you’re just imagining it, or that you’re being paranoid, than to face the possibility that the person you love is being unfaithful.

The last thing we every really want is concrete proof, but the longer your sixth sense tells you something is up, the worse things will get, psychologically and emotionally, if you don’t do something concrete about it.

While having infidelity confirmed is shattering, at least you’ll be able to make decisions based on more than suspicion, which although painful, is still empowering when you come face to face with the truth.

Many husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends hire a private investigator simply to have peace of mind, rather than to indulge in the worst case scenarios that can play out in the mind.

This is such a deeply personal situation and experience that it is very difficult to share with a stranger, but it’s important to remember that if you do decide to hire a private investigator, you’ll be dealing with someone who will value and protect your privacy completely.

Finance is another aspect that holds people back from taking the plunge and hiring a private investigator to uncover the truth, which is understandable if you’re dealing with an unscrupulous operator.

What many don’t realise is that every investigation run by an investigative firm like King Investigators, is that each is run according to what the client can afford, without compromising on the quality of the final report in the process.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has carried out thousands of investigations involving infidelity and cheating, and he has seen first-hand just how important it is to take a sensitive approach to an investigation of this type.

The team of investigators at King Investigators bring a compassionate approach to a painful situation, in order to be of utmost support to clients during what will be one of the most difficult experiences of their lives.

Communication is key during infidelity investigations, and as skilled professionals who’ve been in the industry for over ten years, they know exactly how to protect and guide you through the course of the investigation, as well as to maintain contact throughout, so that you never have to wonder about what’s happening.

Confidentiality, integrity and honesty is the foundation of all that the team at King Investigators does, and your comfort level in this difficult situation is their main concern as you brave these uncharted waters.

How it will work once you hire King Investigators to provide proof that your spouse or partner is cheating:

1 Your private investigator will have to spend time with you to find out why you think your partner is cheating on you. He will need to know the movements of your spouse, where he or she goes while at work or during personal time, in order to establish the foundation of the investigation.

2 Once the baseline is established, your private investigator will discuss with you all the avenues he will be able to pursue during the investigation, giving you the opportunity to choose the level of the investigation you need.

3 He will take the time to find out more about your budget so that you will not face a bill far above what you can afford at the end of the investigation.

Above all, he will handle the situation with sensitivity and open communication, so that you will know exactly what lies ahead during the investigation, as well as to inform you that he will be available to you throughout the course of the investigation.

You will be advised to try and carry on as if nothing is happening so that your spouse does not suspect that he or she is being investigated.

At the end of the investigation, you will be provided with the evidence in the form of a written report, time-stamped photos and a video, according to the decision you made at the start about how much information you need.

If your sixth sense is telling you something isn’t right, and you’re wondering if you’re imagining things, contact King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria to assist you when you’re ready to deal with your suspicions.

5 Reasons why people hire a private investigator in South Africa

Nobody enjoys the idea of having to resort to hiring a private investigator to get proof that things are not as they seem on the surface, in any situation, whether in a private or business capacity, but it’s the surest way of getting to the truth in any matter.

Depending on the circumstances of each investigation, the private investigator will use a variety of skills, tools and undercover operations to produce results that are completely above board and honest.

Any private investigator that’s willing to do underhand things to gather evidence, which includes adding a bit of extra flavour with manipulated and manufactured evidence, is one that needs to be given a wide berth.

Even if the evidence gathered will not be used in court, it is evidence that will be used to by an individual or a business owner on which to base weighty issues that could have far reaching consequences for all involved.

It’s essential to hire a private investigator with an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity, as this will be a true measure of the quality of service and evidence that will be produced during and at the conclusion of any case.

That said, here are 5 basic reasons people hire private investigators:


Unfortunately, cheating spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends head the top of the list of reasons people hire a private investigator in South Africa.

Proof of infidelity is something none of us wants to think of, but when decisions need to be made about going forward with a relationship, or ending it, having facts on which to base the decision is of far more substance than that of your sixth sense.

Child custody

The first rule in any children’s court ruling on child custody is that the child has to be protected from any form of abuse, and only professionally gathered evidence will be accepted if there is a case for keeping a child safe from one or the other parent.

Suspicion is not enough, there has to be proof that the child will face neglect in an environment that would cause physical and psychological harm, before any judge can make a decision.


Tracing missing people is something only an experienced, professional private investigator is able to do, as he or she is able to gain access to information across various platforms that would not be available to the man in the street.

Background checks

Here are three reasons people request background checks:

Pre-employment – it’s easy to lie on a CV, which is why many companies today hire a private investigator to do pre-employment background checks.

Civil cases – often when people are facing a lawsuit, they hide assets, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a private detective to gather evidence of this before going ahead with the lawsuit.  If the person being sued does not have money, then pursuing the case will cost more than its worth.

Divorce – in many divorce cases people will hide assets in order to short-change one or the other party, and only an experienced private investigator will be able to gather evidence that is a true reflection of the financial situation.

Business intelligence and due diligence services

These are investigative services that require a high level of experience on the part of a private investigator. This is because the investigations cross from financial investigations to counterintelligence, right through to providing in-depth information to companies planning on investing in new ventures.

These are the very basic reasons that people hire private investigators, but a truly skilled and experienced investigator will be able to expand any investigation into areas that lead off from these main reasons.

Please contact King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria to find out more about how they can assist you to get to the truth in any matter, whether on a personal or business level.