Qualities that make a good private investigator

A really good private investigator has to have a broad range of skill sets in order to gather evidence in cases that involve everything from infidelity to fraud, especially since many investigations cross over from one form of investigation to another.

How do you know whether the private investigator you hire is any good?


Communication is essential in a good investigator, and you’ll know whether or not he has it from your first meeting.  During the course of an investigation, a private investigator has to be able to communicate with many different people from all walks of life in order to gather evidence, without anyone being any wiser.


Training is essential for any private investigator.  He needs to know about all the tools that can and can’t be used during an investigation, and, he also needs to know the rules governing private investigators.  Evidence gathered outside of these rules will be of no value to any client.


Nothing counts as much as experience in the investigative field.  In the case of someone like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in Gauteng, 10 years’ worth of experience has garnered him extensive knowledge to use effectively in criminal and civil investigations.

There is often a crossover from civil to criminal in an investigation, and it is vital that the investigator is able to follow both routes during an investigation.


In addition to experience, professionalism and integrity are two highly valued qualities a private investigator needs to gain credibility in his field.

Being registered with a body like PSIRA is an assurance that you are indeed working with a professional, one who understands and respects the regulations governing the industry and acts accordingly.


Any private investigator worth his salt will work quickly and efficiently to bring a case to a close, which means that he has to be able to manage his time effectively.  Along with this, he has to be available to his client at all times during an investigation in order to keep the lines of communication open on every level.


A good private investigator will do everything in his power to assure a client that their information will remain confidential at the highest level, and will make sure to keep all documentation pertaining to the investigation in a secure place, during and after the investigation.

Determination and tenacity

Giving up is not an option for a good private investigator!  Office hours certainly won’t apply as the investigator faces all the challenges and deals with any obstacles he may face during the course of an investigation.

It is this sheer determination not to give up that separates a good investigator from the rest, and this is what makes a private investigator truly successful in the gathering of evidence.


The advancement of technology has meant that the time it takes to bring a case to conclusion has been improved, but, this only happens if the private investigator you hire is able to use the technology available to access information across many platforms that weren’t available previously.

If for any reason you require the services of a private investigator that displays all of the above qualities and more, please contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat that’ll make the next step easier.