Good private investigators don’t work on cases that skirt the wrong side of the law

A truly professional, experienced and honest private investigator will not take on any cases that go against the law, no matter how much money they are offered, or how important the client is.

If you’ve elected to hire a private investigator that is not registered with PSIRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory body, you’ll be heading down a road that will be of no benefit to you or your case.

The mandate of PSIRA is to keep up with and regulate the whole of the private security industry, in order to protect the client and to ensure that the standards of private investigators are maintained at a high level.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring an investigator you’d like to feel you can trust, you also want to know that any evidence that comes to light and is captured on video, through time-stamped stills and in report form, will make a high value impact on the decisions you make from there.

If the evidence gathered by the private investigator is collected by using underhand and unprofessional behaviour, such as trespassing on private property, misrepresentation and illegal entrapment, it will hold absolutely no water in any case that may come before the court.

A private investigations firm such as King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria will always stick to the rules, using extensive investigative experience and techniques along with state of the art technology to gather above-board evidence.

The knowledge and use of state of the art technology is an absolute necessity for any private investigator worth his salt in the highly technologically advanced age we live in, without this experience the majority of investigations will be incomplete.

Whether an investigator is carrying out a criminal or civil investigation on your behalf, it’s important that he has the necessary experience in both fields because many cases cross over between these two spheres.

Let’s take a brief look at a few types of investigations King Investigators will definitely turn down:

Please note; if the investigator you’re planning on hiring is willing to carry out these taboo methods to gain information and evidence, the evidence will be considered null and void in court.

Phone tapping

Know from the outset that tapping any phone is illegal! This is an undisputed fact and part of the rules and regulations as set out by PSIRA.

In this case a private investigator is constrained by the same set of rules as the police are, in which they need to have a warrant signed by a judge authorising the legal tapping of a phone.

GPS trackers

If someone you want information about is using your vehicle, then a private investigator may plant a GPS tracker.  However, planting GPS trackers on vehicles that belong to others is absolutely illegal and is frowned upon by the legal system.

Surveillance is the best way to ensure that the evidence gathered will be irrefutable, especially if it is to be used in a criminal or civil case.

Tracing people to cause harm

Anyone requesting that a private investigator trace someone will be able to tell the difference between an investigator who operates out of integrity, and one who doesn’t. One will be willing to do the trace without thought to the repercussions for the person being traced, the other not.

If you’re working with an investigations firm like King Investigators you’ll find that the investigator will want to fully understand the motives behind the request for a trace.

Once he has all the information necessary, and is certain that the person being traced will not be put in harm’s way, he will still take each case on merit before taking the next step.

Many stalkers have used private investigators to find their victims who’ve relocated as a form of self-defence, which is one of the instances in which a truly professional and honest investigator will turn down a tracing request!

Start your case off on the right foot for a successful conclusion by contacting owner Jacques Botha at King Investigators. He will assist by providing the type of information you need to make informed decisions about the way forward.