Want to know some of the most basic questions asked about private investigators?

Some of the questions listed here may seem somewhat irrelevant if you have a basic understanding about who and what a private investigator is, but, not everyone has this, which is why answering some of the most FAQ’s may be helpful to some.

It’s more important than you may think to know a little more about the services a private investigator offers and what to look for in a private investigator.

Choose the wrong one and you could end up with infinitely more than egg on your face!

Everything a private investigator does has to be legal and above-board for any evidence gathered to carry weight, especially if it involves a court case.

Separating myth from fact is also important. The image we’ve been fed in the movies of private detectives hiding under hats, eating junk food and smoking up a storm while on surveillance is far from what a truly experienced, professional private investigator is.

A private investigator has to dig really deep into every investigation in order to bring solid facts to the client. There are no grey areas in the world of private investigators, it either is, or it isn’t, they can’t just manufacture evidence!

Is a private investigator a specialist?

Yes, and the more experience the better.  It takes specialised training and more than just a working knowledge of investigations to make a top class private investigator, especially if it’s an investigator that offers a comprehensive range of services.

Without this type of training, along with a working knowledge of the law, a private investigator will not be able to provide results that are reliable.

Are private investigators above the law?

Nope!  While licensed private investigators do have more leeway than law enforcement agencies, they also have limits to what they can and can’t do.

Private investigators are able to assist law enforcement agencies when their training, experience and connections will take a case past the line that law enforcement agencies cannot cross.

Is there a difference between private investigators and private detectives?

They’re both the same. The term ‘private investigator’ is what is used by a regularity body such as PSIRA in South Africa to keep things simple.  Besides which, PI sounds much better than PD!

This also helps to keep the line between law enforcement agencies and private investigators clear, so that no-one is confused about which the other is.

How to find the right private investigator

This is where licencing takes first place, aside from experience. If you’ve done some basic research and narrowed down your list of private detectives, ask for a licensing number so that you can verify that they stick to the regulations of their industry.

You’ll also need to make sure that the private investigator you choose to work with has the right type of experience to tackle you case. If all the private investigator does is commercial investigations it won’t be any help if you’re looking for proof of infidelity.

Don’t be shy about asking questions about the background of the company before you go any further. A solid reputation always leads you to the best in the investigative field.

What type of services are offered by private investigators

A truly experienced private investigator will be able to do a cross-over of services, ranging from business intelligence to due diligence investigations, and from proof of infidelity to employee background checks.

Make sure the private investigator you hire has the ability to offer services that cover both commercial and individual clients, as this is where many PI’s show the extent of their training and experience.

Wrap it all up with King Investigators in South Africa!

King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, have an impressive list of services on offer, and the knowledge that makes this possible lies in 10 years’ worth of experience, locally and internationally.

It’s all about quality, honesty and transparency for this team of investigators, all wrapped up in sheer professionalism. King Investigators has also been around long enough to know exactly how to tailor an affordable investigation for every client.

If you want to know who you’re dealing with, just ask King Investigations, you’ll find that even the most common or basic questions about private investigators will be treated seriously on their end!

Make sure your private investigator is up to date with social media investigations

With the explosion of social media platforms in the 21st century, any investigator worth his salt will know exactly how to use technology to carry out social media investigations.

Social media investigations are at the fingertips of any expert investigator able to access all the information on any individual that remains on the internet, and it always remains there!

Your digital footprint is made up of all your stuff left as a trail on the internet. This includes social media, the use of apps, emails and calls made via Skype.

You can’t get rid of this history, it’s there and it’ll stay there, which is something few people ever think about, but which certainly needs a lot of thought.

Your digital footprint is basically the same as the paper trail that used to be kept to document any interaction business-wise and personally, except that you can’t put it through the paper shredder when you want to get rid of stuff you may have moved on from.

A good way to change the way you’re ‘seen’ through your digital footprint is to think about what you send into cyberspace so that you’re reflected in a good light, for friends, family and even employers.

But why social media?

Well, as far as remaining completely anonymous, nothing beats social media investigations.

This type of investigation doesn’t alert the person being investigated at all. Private investigators who are up to date with this digital and social media age use social media as a good place to start an investigation.

The fact that a social media investigation can be carried out without having to do more legwork than necessary, makes it a simple and efficient way of getting to know more about the subject under scrutiny.

It’ll also lower billable hours for you, since it cuts down the time that would otherwise be spent out in the field gathering basic, fundamental information to get an investigation underway.

But…your private investigator has to know his stuff to use social media to start a profile on the subject under investigation.

Information overload

Social media platforms carry a history of places you’ve visited, photographs and videos uploaded, leading to the ultimate information overload for any savvy private investigator laying the groundwork for an investigation.

There’s so much more evidence of your life stuck in virtual reality that it’s scary, and it can never be completely erased!

Social media platforms can provide a private investigator with personal information that would have been hard to gather in any other way.

Social media and employers

Your employer can also use social media platforms to find out more about you, and it’s really easily accessible for them. They can build up quite a good profile of who you really are, so if you’ve got anything you’d rather anyone not know about, think hard before posting anything online!

Many companies use social media to find out whether you would be a good fit as a potential employee. A private investigator can work up a really in-depth profile of who you are by carrying out a thorough social media investigation, since they are able to access the internet to a greater extent than an employer is able to.

Let King Investigators do the digging for you

Contact King Investigators to do the digging around on social media platforms for the type of information you need on the person under investigation, it’s a decision that offers information that’s priceless!

Getting divorced & need proof your spouse is cheating?

Cheating is something none of us wants to face, unless of course you’re no longer invested emotionally in the relationship.

The crux of the matter is that you can’t get a divorce without a really valid reason, or without proof of the reason for your petition to divorce.

In the case of a cheating spouse, no court is going to accept anything less than hard facts and incontrovertible proof of the infidelity.

The proof is there not only to move the divorce forward, but to protect your interests financially, such as the division of assets. This is especially true where there are children involved and there is a battle for custody.

The court is not interested in what you think or feel. If you provide them with evidence that is gathered without breaking any laws, you’ll have a case that is grounded in facts.

You need to know what type of evidence you’ll have to gather, which evidence can be kept and how the evidence has to be presented in court.

This is a lot to take in on top of the immense emotional stress of facing the truth that your spouse is cheating, which is why most attorneys recommend using a private investigator to handle these realities, and to do it all the right way.

Why use a private investigator to collect evidence of cheating?

You could try a bit of detecting yourself, such as finding incriminating emails or texts, but, reading texts or emails that are romantic and consist of plans to spend time together, will add further agony to an already shattering experience.

You’ll need to have a really strong stomach to deal with seeing evidence of the affair with your own eyes.

Besides which, would you really be able to manage the emotional stress without letting your spouse know that you’re gathering evidence?

Finding a trusted private investigator in South Africa

If your attorney recommends a private investigator, you can be certain that the evidence he collects will be irrefutable. Besides which, your attorney knows that only a private investigator that understands the legalities of surveillance and evidence gathering will be the right choice.

What type of evidence gathering can undermine your case?

If you interview a private investigator and they offer to use underhanded tactics to gather the evidence of cheating, bow out gracefully and find an investigator with a good reputation.

A private investigator may not wiretap anyone’s phone, trespass on private property or attach a GPS tracking device onto any car other than the one owned by their client.

As one of the top investigative company’s in South Africa, King Investigators bring many years’ worth of experience to the table in making sure that evidence is obtained legally.

This is a team that is serious about doing things the right way, which includes being registered with PSIRA, the governing body that has oversight over the industry.

This means that you’re protected from shady operators and also have recourse should you have any negative experience with an investigator.

Will the investigator have to give evidence in court?

Not necessarily. King Investigators in Gauteng put together comprehensive reports for their clients, which include video and photographic evidence, backed by a written report, which means they seldom need to testify in court.

This is the ideal, however, the team at King Investigators always stand by their evidence, firmly based on honesty, integrity and transparency.

Why trust King Investigators to gather evidence of infidelity?

Aside from the fact that this seasoned team of investigators are registered with PSIRA, you’ll be dealing with investigators that understand how difficult the decision is to hire a private investigator in the first place.

Their absolute commitment is to treat your situation with the sensitivity it deserves, using their combined, considerable experience to get to the truth with professionalism and tact.

Contact owner Jacques Botha for a confidential chat, or, meet him in a setting that will be as comfortable as possible for you. At the very least, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect and what needs to be done to keep the investigation within your budget.

4 Myths about private investigators debunked

No one has portrayed what is considered the stereo type private investigator as well as Hollywood has, but what some of these stereo-typical ideals about private investigators can also do is to make hiring a private detective a bit scary.

You simply can’t imagine someone you hired to carry out any investigation for you wearing the long black coat and hat that has been synonymous with Hollywood investigators. They certainly wouldn’t be able to ‘blend in’ wherever the investigation leads.

Debunking the myths:

Myth 1

Private investigators only carry out investigations related to infidelity

Not so. Despite the fact that this is one of the most common reasons people hire an investigator, an investigator is so much more than this, or should be!

An investigator experienced in carrying out infidelity investigations will be more than capable of proving whether a spouse is cheating or not, but this is not the only service in their repertoire.

For instance, King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, specialise in;

All of this experience adds up to a whopping amount of expertise used to provide high quality investigations, and none of it includes a long black coat and homburg!

Myth 2

Private detectives are able to access information that’s protected

This is an assumption that’s often made about private investigators, which is to be understood when you take into account the PI’s we’ve been fed in movies.

But it’s wrong!

Although a private investigator is able to access records we mortals can’t, they’re still not able to touch protected records such as bank accounts, medical records, mobile phone records and credit card reports. Tapping a phone is also an absolute no-no.

To access these types of private records, the private investigator would need to obtain a court order, subpoena or have the express permission of the person these records pertain to, which has a slim chance of happening!

Myth 3

Private investigators don’t need to stick to the law

Although registered and licenced private investigators have more leeway than law enforcement agencies, they are not above the law!

Make sure to find out whether the private detective you want to hire is licensed and registered with PSIRA, the governing body for security and private investigators in South Africa.

Myth 4

Private investigators enjoy a thrill-a-minute life

This is an overdone myth, as any seasoned investigator will tell you.

The average day in the life of an investigator consists of carrying out background checks, dealing with a phenomenal amount of information that needs to be analysed in order to present clients with professionally compiled reports of high value…and reams of paperwork to get through!

Not very exciting at all!

Sitting in a car for hours on end while on surveillance can be mind-numbing, but, losing focus for even a minute can result in missing out on a crucial moment in capturing video or photographic evidence about the subject of the investigation.

There’s nothing glamorous about this more-often-than-not solitary professional life!

If you’d prefer to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg that doesn’t hold with the stereo type investigator, call King Investigators.

This is an investigative company that deals in fact rather than fiction, which is exactly what you need if your investigation is to be of any value!