Obvious signs that your partner is cheating

Boyfriend cheating? Girlfriend cheating? Husband cheating or wife cheating? The word ‘cheating’ on its own is one that has always had painful connotations, and it’s one none of us wants to face.

When your radar goes up and your sixth sense kicks in, it’s hard to ignore the impact that mere suspicions will make on any relationship, and research has unfortunately proven that almost 85% of those who suspect infidelity are invariably right.

There are only 3 that decisions that can be made once you know that your partner is cheating and they are;

  1. To end the relationship
  2. To stick it out and hope it changes, or
  3. To try marriage counselling – there are relationships that can survive infidelity, but it’s a tough call.

According to Psychology Today, studies suggest that as many as 25 percent of men and 11 percent of women will, at some point in their lives, end up in bed with someone other than their partner. The author of this article goes on to say that ‘if a relationship can survive the affair and get to the other side healing, it can become even better, but that it’ll mean a lot of hard work’.

Before we look at some of the most obvious signs your partner is cheating, remember not to go into panic mode if your partner fits only one or two of these signs, but, if he or she is displaying more than four or five of these signs it’s time to take a serious look at where to from there.

Remember too that your intuition will pick up undercurrents that something isn’t right even if your spouse doesn’t display any of these obvious signs.

Here are some of the most obvious signs that your partner or spouse is cheating:

Your partner may start displaying new habits such as;

  1. Staying later at work than ever, or leaving earlier in the morning than is usual
  2. Taking more business trips than before
  3. A red flag is that there will be credit card statements that are hidden, which may include charges such as gifts you haven’t received or other unexplained expenses over and above what you know is normal
  4. A mobile phone or laptop that suddenly has a password lock that wasn’t there before
  5. Traditionally, a new scent that lingers or lipstick on a collar is a dead giveaway, which is probably something most men and women get away with by working hard to avoid any obvious signs like these
  6. Lying and evasiveness. These kinds of lies are those that are patently obvious, and very painful to face, and there’s no doubt that you’ll know if your partner is being evasive
  7. Taking a new interest in appearance and grooming, or joining a gym with a renewed commitment
  8. Short temper or excessive defensiveness
  9. Receiving a lot more missed calls than are normal
  10. Loss of interest in sex or, on the other end of the scale, wanting to try new things in the bedroom

With the growth in our reliance on technology it’s not that difficult to confirm your suspicions on your own, however, it’s too easy to jump to unsubstantiated conclusions that may damage an otherwise important relationship.

Even if all you want to do is to set your mind at ease, calling in a private detective that has extensive experience in uncovering evidence of cheating is best, especially as the PI isn’t emotionally invested in whether or not there will be proof of cheating.

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