4 Myths about private investigators debunked

No one has portrayed what is considered the stereo type private investigator as well as Hollywood has, but what some of these stereo-typical ideals about private investigators can also do is to make hiring a private detective a bit scary.

You simply can’t imagine someone you hired to carry out any investigation for you wearing the long black coat and hat that has been synonymous with Hollywood investigators. They certainly wouldn’t be able to ‘blend in’ wherever the investigation leads.

Debunking the myths:

Myth 1

Private investigators only carry out investigations related to infidelity

Not so. Despite the fact that this is one of the most common reasons people hire an investigator, an investigator is so much more than this, or should be!

An investigator experienced in carrying out infidelity investigations will be more than capable of proving whether a spouse is cheating or not, but this is not the only service in their repertoire.

For instance, King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, specialise in;

All of this experience adds up to a whopping amount of expertise used to provide high quality investigations, and none of it includes a long black coat and homburg!

Myth 2

Private detectives are able to access information that’s protected

This is an assumption that’s often made about private investigators, which is to be understood when you take into account the PI’s we’ve been fed in movies.

But it’s wrong!

Although a private investigator is able to access records we mortals can’t, they’re still not able to touch protected records such as bank accounts, medical records, mobile phone records and credit card reports. Tapping a phone is also an absolute no-no.

To access these types of private records, the private investigator would need to obtain a court order, subpoena or have the express permission of the person these records pertain to, which has a slim chance of happening!

Myth 3

Private investigators don’t need to stick to the law

Although registered and licenced private investigators have more leeway than law enforcement agencies, they are not above the law!

Make sure to find out whether the private detective you want to hire is licensed and registered with PSIRA, the governing body for security and private investigators in South Africa.

Myth 4

Private investigators enjoy a thrill-a-minute life

This is an overdone myth, as any seasoned investigator will tell you.

The average day in the life of an investigator consists of carrying out background checks, dealing with a phenomenal amount of information that needs to be analysed in order to present clients with professionally compiled reports of high value…and reams of paperwork to get through!

Not very exciting at all!

Sitting in a car for hours on end while on surveillance can be mind-numbing, but, losing focus for even a minute can result in missing out on a crucial moment in capturing video or photographic evidence about the subject of the investigation.

There’s nothing glamorous about this more-often-than-not solitary professional life!

If you’d prefer to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg that doesn’t hold with the stereo type investigator, call King Investigators.

This is an investigative company that deals in fact rather than fiction, which is exactly what you need if your investigation is to be of any value!

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