Do you need proof that your spouse is cheating?

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating is a major emotional challenge for anyone to face, but what’s worse: imagining the worst, or facing the truth?

Are you really ‘crazy’ or ‘imagining things’ as your spouse says?

Anyone guilty of infidelity will deny it, its human nature.  If you’re the one doing the asking there must be good reason for it, which makes feeling like you’re nuts even worse.

Your sixth sense tells you something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it, and no matter how many times you’re told you’re imagining things, that little voice just won’t leave you alone.

The only way to know whether your spouse is cheating on you for sure is to take the step to find proof of it, but not to do so on your own.

Gathering evidence of infidelity on a cheating spouse is fraught with emotional danger if you try to do it yourself. Besides which, if you need the proof as part of a divorce, it’ll need to be evidence that’ll hold water in a court.

This is the part best left to a professional, highly trained and experienced private investigator, one who’ll guide you through uncharted waters with the sensitivity you’ll need during the course of the investigation.

The signs that could point to infidelity include your spouse:

  • Becoming secretive about calls made or received.
  • Deleting text messages or emails.
  • Spending more time on the computer.
  • Spending more time at work.
  • Spending more time away for ‘work’.
  • Suddenly wearing different scents or taking more care of their appearance.
  • Stonewalling you and cutting off communication.
  • Inexplicable behavioural changes.
  • Lack of interest in doing anything with you.
  • Becoming more secretive and ‘unavailable’.

There are more signs than these that’ll give you a hint that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, but you can be pretty sure that if your gut tells you something is wrong, it probably is.

No one wants to hear words like affair, infidelity or adultery, but unfortunately it happens, and if you want to hang on to your sanity, let a professional either set your mind at ease, or provide the painful proof of infidelity.

It’s a sad fact that 85% of people who suspect infidelity are usually spot on with their suspicions!

The age of mobile technology has made cheating even easier, with online cheating taking its own place centre stage.  A partner or spouse cheating online is every bit as damaging to any relationship as one in which a spouse is physically involved in an extramarital affair!

Trust only a professional private investigator with your fears about infidelity:

If you’re ready to face the truth, as devastating as it may be, it’s best to tackle it with a professional investigative firm that’s earned a better-than-good reputation.

King Investigators has handled thousands of cases over the years, providing honest, reliable proof of infidelity where it may be the case, making them the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa.

This team of consummate professionals offers a free confidential consultation to set your mind at ease before you take the big step into finding and facing proof of infidelity.

Remember: you’re not the only one, many have gone before you, and many will follow. A sad indictment of our modern society but one no less true as the facts speak for themselves.

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