Don’t try to gather evidence on your own, call on the professionals to do it the right way!

In cases such as suspected infidelity, a cheating spouse or custody cases, one of the worst things you could do is to try and gather evidence on your own or with the help of family and friends!

The emotional states that accompany situations like this are volatile, and, by the time you start trying to find proof of infidelity or cheating, or proof of suspected drug and alcohol abuse, or physical and verbal abuse of a child by a parent in a custody dispute, your emotions could be so overwhelming that you may find yourself in dangerous situations.

These types of investigations are better carried out by private investigators who are not emotionally invested in the situation and have the experience and training to carry out surveillance without compromising the investigation in any way.

King Investigators is one of South Africa’s largest investigations firms, with a solid background of twenty years’ worth of experience in the private investigations industry, and they know exactly what can and cannot be done in the pursuit of the truth!

Choosing a ‘cheap’ investigator could also do you more harm than good, if evidence is gathered using methods that go against the regulations set out for private investigators, it would most certainly not withstand the scrutiny of any court, which means that your emotional and financial investment has been completely worthless.

Private investigators at King Investigators know exactly where the boundaries are in terms of gathering evidence on cheating spouses, parents involved in custody disputes or in divorce cases.  They also have valuable access to information channels that are not accessible to the ordinary man in the street, all of which adds up to all the ingredients necessary for a successful outcome to any case, no matter how challenging it is.

King Investigations is not in the business of ripping off their clients, they will make sure that they work within your budget, and because they know that situations like this are more common than most of us may think, they will be sensitive to your need for comfort and will always make sure that they have your approval before they dig for any further information.

High standards, honesty and integrity are qualities that underline every type of investigation undertaken by King Investigators, and they maintain a strict code of ethics when it comes to invading the laws that govern the right to privacy.

Undercover surveillance carried out by King Investigators can take them into most public locations in order to produce video evidence of your partner’s movements, and these areas range from shopping malls to restaurants, clubs, casinos and other areas that are accessible to the general public.

It is painful for anyone to reach the stage where they need to call on the services of a private investigator to find out whether their suspicions have any grounding, however, whether you meet your investigator at King Investigator’s offices or at a place that makes you feel more at ease, you can rely on that person to offer you the highest level of discretion and absolute respect for your feelings.

What you will get at the end of the investigation into infidelity or a cheating spouse is evidence, that if necessary, will be proof that is beyond a doubt, and should you require information additional to video evidence, King Investigators will supply you with a full report that will also include information not captured on video.

You don’t have to try and do this on your own, King Investigators is there to support you as you try to make the pieces fit, no matter how hard it is!

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