King Investigators has the experience to offer professional assistance in tracing missing people.

King Investigators offers professional tracing services to assist in finding someone who has gone missing in South Africa, and, as a result of the network of international investigative firms built up over a period of over 20 years in the industry, King Investigators is also able to trace people who have gone missing anywhere in the world.

People of any age go missing for many reasons. Sometimes it is as a personal decision, whatever the reason, or it is due to the individual being involved in criminal activities of any kind.  Mental health, especially in the case of elderly people suffering with Alzheimer’s, and others with drug or substance abuse issues are also often reasons why people go missing.

Suicide, planned or not, is also one of the reasons that families and friends of loved ones who have gone missing will turn to an experienced, trustworthy private investigator who has extensive training in tracing missing persons.

People also disappear when they have committed a murder, have been kidnapped or abducted by strangers or someone known to them, and where domestic abuse has led to a person going missing.

The statistics of missing people, especially those of missing children in South Africa are overwhelming, in the latest update found on the Africa Check website, 996 children alone went missing in 2016, which translates to a child being reported as missing every nine hours!

The South African Police services, with the best will in the world are unable to cope with the ratio between them and the population, with some sources quoting that there is only one police officer for every 700 people, and that is in come of the precincts hardest hit by crime, which is one of the major reasons many people use private investigation firms like King Investigators to trace missing people.

It is also very sad but true that family disputes and child custody issues result in children being abducted, which is a terrifying situation for any parent or family member to be in, and because private investigators are less restricted in their actions than the police force, they are able to take the investigation into missing people a lot further.

Of course, just because the same restrictions do not apply to private investigators, it does not mean that they are in any way above the law, they have to obtain any information legally, remaining fully compliant with regulations that govern their industry, so that if necessary, any evidence collected will be fully admissible in a court.

Because each tracing case is unique, the invaluable experience gained by King Investigators means that they have every resource available to trace missing people and produce a well-documented conclusion.

Whether you are trying to locate missing loved ones, lost relatives, old school friends, those against whom you have a civil judgement and even past romantic acquaintances, King Investigations has the experience, integrity and ability to deliver honest results based on the hard work they will put in on your behalf.

In fact, King Investigations has made it easy for you to start the process of tracing a missing person by filling in an online form and taking it from there!  With agents nationwide, you will have an instant response to your request to trace a missing person anywhere in South Africa and internationally!

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