Let professionals handle background checks before you let anyone into your business or private life.

Some people cheat, it’s just part of their nature, whether it is in a relationship or in business, we will all come across people like this, and it’s not always easy to listen to your sixth sense telling you something isn’t right when everything seems perfect on the surface!

Mostly, it’s also because we want to believe the best in people; Nelson Mandela believed that we are not born to hate, we learn to hate, and if we can learn to hate, then we can be taught to love, and the same can be applied to how much we trust people.

As humans, we want to trust, however, there are times in our personal or business lives when we have to look deeper than at the surface, such as when we’ve been hurt before and a new romance has made an appearance, or, when employing staff and taking on new board members in the business.

Even politicians have been caught lying about their qualifications and experience, knowing full well that if they get found out, it will be a public spectacle, so, a CV and references is just not enough to go on when employing someone, especially if it is for a position of trust, which can make the theft of company information a sensitive issue.

We know that abusers, thieves, frauds and other criminals can look as if they would be incapable of dishonesty, an unfortunate gift many people have to fool the most intuitive of people and they show no outward sign of being any different to everyone else.

Whether it is a new relationship that is being contemplated, or a new staff member, an in-depth background check carried out by the elite team of investigators at King Investigators will ensure that whatever proof is required will be delivered with honesty and integrity, giving you the opportunity to make the right decision based on facts.

If you need to know whether the person you are interested in, personally or on a corporate level, is in any way capable of criminal behaviour, including being a child abuser, convicted felon or sex offender, King Investigators is able to access resources that are not available to the general public, as well as to use 20 years’ worth of surveillance experience, to provide accurate and honest reports, without wasting time!

Industrial espionage and the theft of company or patent secrets is on the rise as technology advances, making background checks into staff essential for the protection of many corporate and industrial companies.

Speaking business, King Investigators is highly experienced in high-level investigations into misappropriation of corporate assets, fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets and more, adding to their business intelligence services financial investigations, covert operations, undercover investigations and debugging, all rigged to fully protect clients placing their trust in King Investigators.

As one of the most highly respected investigations companies in South Africa, you can rely on King Investigators to offer affordable investigative solutions delivered with absolute professionalism and integrity, backed by their guarantee of their work and its results.


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