Make sure your private investigator is up to date with social media investigations

With the explosion of social media platforms in the 21st century, any investigator worth his salt will know exactly how to use technology to carry out social media investigations.

Social media investigations are at the fingertips of any expert investigator able to access all the information on any individual that remains on the internet, and it always remains there!

Your digital footprint is made up of all your stuff left as a trail on the internet. This includes social media, the use of apps, emails and calls made via Skype.

You can’t get rid of this history, it’s there and it’ll stay there, which is something few people ever think about, but which certainly needs a lot of thought.

Your digital footprint is basically the same as the paper trail that used to be kept to document any interaction business-wise and personally, except that you can’t put it through the paper shredder when you want to get rid of stuff you may have moved on from.

A good way to change the way you’re ‘seen’ through your digital footprint is to think about what you send into cyberspace so that you’re reflected in a good light, for friends, family and even employers.

But why social media?

Well, as far as remaining completely anonymous, nothing beats social media investigations.

This type of investigation doesn’t alert the person being investigated at all. Private investigators who are up to date with this digital and social media age use social media as a good place to start an investigation.

The fact that a social media investigation can be carried out without having to do more legwork than necessary, makes it a simple and efficient way of getting to know more about the subject under scrutiny.

It’ll also lower billable hours for you, since it cuts down the time that would otherwise be spent out in the field gathering basic, fundamental information to get an investigation underway.

But…your private investigator has to know his stuff to use social media to start a profile on the subject under investigation.

Information overload

Social media platforms carry a history of places you’ve visited, photographs and videos uploaded, leading to the ultimate information overload for any savvy private investigator laying the groundwork for an investigation.

There’s so much more evidence of your life stuck in virtual reality that it’s scary, and it can never be completely erased!

Social media platforms can provide a private investigator with personal information that would have been hard to gather in any other way.

Social media and employers

Your employer can also use social media platforms to find out more about you, and it’s really easily accessible for them. They can build up quite a good profile of who you really are, so if you’ve got anything you’d rather anyone not know about, think hard before posting anything online!

Many companies use social media to find out whether you would be a good fit as a potential employee. A private investigator can work up a really in-depth profile of who you are by carrying out a thorough social media investigation, since they are able to access the internet to a greater extent than an employer is able to.

Let King Investigators do the digging for you

Contact King Investigators to do the digging around on social media platforms for the type of information you need on the person under investigation, it’s a decision that offers information that’s priceless!

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