Only expert mobile phone investigative techniques can keep up with rapid technological advances.

These days pretty much everyone has a hand held mobile device, whether it is a smart phone, PDA or laptop, if it’s portable, it carries information and data that is personal and specific to one user.  Because smart phones are such a personal digital device and is seldom shared, it offers forensic investigators an excellent source of evidence, especially when it is difficult to place a suspect behind a computer.

Mobile phones offer up evidence of text messaging, emails, phone calls and also contain a history of internet searches, along with the habits of the individual posting to and trolling social media sites, which makes them a highly valuable source of information in any investigation.

If you have watched a couple of episodes of CSI or other detective series, you will know that mobile phones are often the only digital footprint that can trace an individual’s movements and even lead to insight into motives.

Because of the rapid advances in mobile technology, mobile phone forensic investigators such as King Investigators in Johannesburg, remain constantly updated about tools available to connect a device and retrieve raw image files by pressing a few buttons, or getting into the device’s internal memory before boot-up.

There is evidence that could be missed if a mobile phone forensic investigator relies solely on these tools however, and it is in areas like this that the forensic investigators at King Investigators go beyond the limits of tools in order to present responsible and accurate reports.

King Investigators are forensic investigators who remain current on the latest in software and hardware designed for mobile forensic analysis, which allows them to carry out mobile phone analysis and ‘image’ the handset to search for and obtain a full range of information.

This information includes current and deleted content and covers the entire spectrum of applications, from call log information, SMS’s, emails, documents, photo’s and video’s, and as with any investigation carried out by the team of highly trained and experienced forensic investigators at King Investigators, it is done with integrity and in absolute confidence.

Although mobile phone forensic investigation is only part of any ongoing investigation, you can place full confidence in the team at King Investigators to deliver the results of their investigation to you with accuracy and honesty!

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