Private investigators uncover the truth in a broad spectrum of cases

Private investigators are the gatherers of reliable information when all other avenues of collecting evidence are either blocked, or have already been explored.

In order to do this in many different capacities, a private investigator needs to be able to work across a variety of platforms, which could cover anything from collecting evidence of infidelity, to business intelligence and carrying out lie detector tests.

To be able to do this, the private investigator needs to have the highest level of training backed up by years of experience in order to produce effective results.

Inexperience or a lack of training on the part of any private investigator often leads to information or evidence being compromised, and if this information is going to be presented to court it won’t stand up to scrutiny.

In the world of a private investigator, all that matters is uncovering any information that’s hidden and inaccessible to the average man in the street.

This is where the contacts and tools private investigators use to get to the truth are of fundamental importance to any case.

So, what are some of the cases a private investigator with the right experience and training can undertake, and who hires them?

Private individuals

Private investigators like King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria assist clients in tracing and locating people for many different reasons.  This could apply to whether a family or friend is concerned that a loved one has gone missing, or assisting people to find their birth parents.

Private investigators also work undercover gather evidence of infidelity to either give peace of mind to one partner that the other is not cheating, or, if true, to use the evidence in a divorce or custody case.


There are many different reasons that attorneys will use a private investigator, and in most cases, they tend to stick with one private investigator they can trust for honest results gathered according to the law governing evidence gathering.

Private investigators are able to assist attorneys in locating people who have skipped bail or are avoiding appearing at court.  Private investigators also interview witnesses to ensure that no important information has been missed before a case goes to court.

Business owners

A private investigator is of immense value to business owners. He is able to do in-depth background checks on a partner the owner is planning to take on board, asses risk to company security and provide detailed information on a potential employee.  These are just a few of the ways in which private investigators are useful to business owners.


Private investigators are able to take any case further than the police are able to, due to the legal constraints they are bound to.  This doesn’t mean that Private Investigators are above the law.

What it means is that when the police have reached a point where they are unable to continue a criminal investigation, a private investigator can then assist in gathering further vital information that will assist them in making a case against a suspect.

There are many other roles that private investigators fill, but it’s always important to make sure that the private investigator being hired has the necessary training and background to provide the results required in each situation and case.

If you’re planning on hiring a private investigator in Gauteng, please contact King Investigators to find out more about the wide variety of investigations this team is able to undertake.

With ten years’ experience, locally and internationally, the team of private detectives working with Jacques Botha at the helm, have been trusted by thousands of business owners and individuals based on the honesty and transparency they can rely on from King Investigators.

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