Background Checks

Our background check reports are returned within 24 hours and are extremely comprehensive.

Digging up information on a new client, current or former spouse, an employee, boss or a potential business partner can be a challenge without the proper tools and resources. Investing money in hiring a private investigator who can perform thorough employment and background checks as well as a concealed asset search might prove highly beneficial.

When hiring a new employee, it is vital to obtain a background and employment report. Here are some other scenarios that might require background checks or a hidden asset search:

New Business Venture – Before partnering up with someone to start a new business, joining forces with a group of investors, financially investing in an existing business or merging two companies, you need to investigate you the parties involved. Hidden wealth derived from a background check and hidden assets search could signal a red flag. If your future business partner is dishonest with you and hides critical information from the start, just imagine what could happen once your business becomes profitable.

Divorce Proceedings – It’s common knowledge that divorce cases can become hostile. If you agreed upon a 50-50 split of assets, you might want to hire an investigator to verify that your spouse doesn’t have any hidden wealth. Finding hidden assets will reveal the entire truth and possibly prevent things from getting more unfriendly later on.

Possible Lawsuit – If you’re contemplating filing a lawsuit against someone, it’s vital to know their worth financially. These people often hide their assets in the face of a potential lawsuit, thus a hidden assets search might be worth your while. If the person doesn’t have any money to pay you, it might not be worth filing a lawsuit. You’ll only be wasting money on legal fees.

Contesting of a Will – It can be devastating to lose a loved one but when an estate tries to conceal assets from the beneficiaries, the pain can intensify. Hiring an investigator to perform an assets search could identify wealth that was hidden and prevent additional distress at an already trying time.

There are many situations where hiring someone to perform a background check or hidden assets search are essential. At Private Investigators Pretoria, it is our goal to find the person as well as their most valuable hidden possessions to share what is rightfully yours with you.

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