Cheating Spouse/Infidelity

Affair, adultery and infidelity are three words no one likes to hear.

Whether it’s true or imagined, disputing marital infidelity can prove to be one of the most challenging situations you’ll ever have to navigate. Facing the suspicion that a spouse or partner has been unfaithful can be hard, but what’s even worse than proving it is not knowing whether your suspicions are true.

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that more than 80% of individuals who suspect their partner from extramarital affairs, turn out to be spot on. These are the typical signs that point to a cheating partner:

Swift increase in strange phone calls

Unexplained increase in computer or phone use

Clearing all call history and deleting messages and emails

Increased business trips

Sudden change in grooming habits and improved appearance

Erratic behaviour

Your intuition

If you’re wondering how to catch out your cheating partner or looking for a reliable but discreet way to spy on them, get in touch with Private Investigators Pretoria.

Private Investigators Pretoria are the number one private detective company to help uncover the truth about your partner and we’re ready to help you.

Our private investigators will use every possible resource available, leaving no stone unturned, to put your mind at ease and determine whether your spouse is cheating on you. We’ve assisted thousands of suspecting spouses in the same way.

When working with our private investigators, you can be sure that we’ll take your suspicions seriously and treat your case with the needed sensitivity and delicacy, no matter what the results reveal. We understand just how difficult of a time this can be for you.

The majority of the cases we take on for spousal surveillance are for reasons like child custody and support, marital infidelity, concealed assets and more. Our private investigators specialise in secret surveillance. We can provide you with still photos, video and professional reports.

Our video equipment is state of the art to ensure we get the needed evidence to solve your case. At Private Investigators Pretoria, we are proud of the fact that we remain undetected by our subjects while conducting surveillance on them. This service is performed throughout South Africa as well as internationally.

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