Surveillance techniques used by private investigators don’t deserve the bad rap they’ve earned!

Yes, it’s true, social media platforms, the news and conspiracy theorists or alarmists have definitely given the word ‘surveillance’ a bad rap, which is deserved, but only in certain instances.

None of us want ‘Big Brother’ listening in on all our devices or spying on all our web activities, however, when it comes to private investigators, surveillance takes on a completely different meaning.

The negative rap earned about surveillance does not apply to registered, ethical, experienced and professional private investigators at all.

It is a necessary tool used for many purposes, and when carried out by private investigators who are determined to stick to the rules and regulations of their industry, a highly effective tool for the gathering of evidence for many different reasons.

When you deal with King Investigators, undoubtedly a team of the best surveillance private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, surveillance is used as a highly effective tool to document the interactions of the subject of surveillance, their contacts, movements and activities for very specific reasons.

The reasons for surveillance are varied and include situations such as:

  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Business intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Cheating spouses and infidelity
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Employee theft
  • Surveillance of employees, as well as representatives of a company when out on the road
  • Child custody
  • Child abduction
  • Illegal drug activities
  • Spousal abuse & child abuse

It’s important to note that a private investigator has the ability to carry out surveillance remotely and in person, but this depends entirely on what the situation calls for, and what is required by the client.

Methods used in surveillance:

  • Physical surveillance:

Physical surveillance isn’t limited to keeping the subject of the investigation under physical observation.  It can also include using state of the art audio and visual recording devices, and with the growth of technology in recent years, these devices are more sensitive than one can imagine.

These types of devices not only add to physical surveillance, but also act as further evidentiary backup of evidence being collected.

Physical surveillance carries a lot of risk for a private investigator in terms of being susceptible to detection, because the investigator has to stay as close as possible to the subject under investigation, yet not attract attention.

This is also where undercover work comes in for a private investigator.  For instance, if an investigator needs to gain access to a business in which illegal activities are suspected, the investigator needs to be able to blend in without attracting attention to themselves.

  • Electronic Surveillance:

Electronic surveillance involves having access to data transmissions, whether from mobile devices or desktop computers, as well as audio and video recording equipment that will be used to monitor the behaviour of the person under surveillance around the clock, if necessary.

GPS also plays a major part in electronic surveillance.  It is one of the most effective ways of keeping track, from a distance, of where the subject under investigation is travelling, and which routes are used in the process.

Many companies that have trucks and representatives out on the road all day make use of GPS devices monitored by private investigators, aimed at keeping track of what is happening once the employee has left the business premises, especially if there are suspicions of illegal activities.

It’s essential to note that only a registered private investigator is allowed by law to use electronic surveillance devices, and even then, there are restrictions placed on exactly how and when these devices may be used!

Why choose King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria?

Because they are ethical, honest and professional in all they do when performing surveillance, and when this team provides any client with evidence of wrongdoing, it’s of the quality that will stand up in court, without question!

Call the owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha for a free confidential consultation to find out for yourself why King Investigators offers the most professional surveillance services in South Africa!

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