Surveillance – the prime investigative tool used by private investigators.

A private investigator will use surveillance to cover a multitude of cases, from obtaining evidence in a child custody case to locating missing persons, gathering evidence of insurance fraud or of infidelity.

Undercover surveillance is also carried out on behalf of businesses who are experiencing theft of goods or misappropriation of funds.

The reasons for close observation of a business premises or a person are varied, but the one thing absolutely necessary to carry out successful surveillance is experience.

The whole idea behind surveillance is to be able to closely observe people without being noticed, as well as being able to employ all the gadgets that state of the art technology offers to enhance surveillance and the gathering of evidence for any case.

Surveillance today still plays a fundamental role in the gathering of incontrovertible evidence of any wrongdoing, but it has to be carried out by seasoned professionals in order to be truly effective.

Tried and tested methods of visual surveillance:

Advanced technology has provided private investigators with high tech digital video cameras able to store an overwhelming amount of footage. These video cameras offer visual proof in HD, which is clear enough to be used in court.

The battery life and zoom capabilities of these video cams include time stamps on every video and image, backing up the evidence even further. The long battery life on these high tech cameras also means that the investigator can stay on the case longer than ever before.

All of this cuts down on the amount of information that needs to be recorded in any professional written report handed in by a private investigator at the conclusion of the case.

Smart phones have also come into their own as a surveillance tool for private investigators.  People are always hauling out their phones to take photos, which means that a private investigator can use one without attracting any attention at all.

There will also be times when a video camera is just too big to take on a certain leg of the investigation, especially if footage is being shot in a public place like a restaurant or other public places.

This is where micro cameras come in handy so that the investigator’s cover isn’t blown. Micro cameras can be disguised as anything from a Bluetooth headset to a button, making sure that no one is any the wiser of being observed in a public place.

While an investigator is following a subject he will use a nondescript car during surveillance, but to cut down on time spent following a subject, GPS trackers have also become part of the arsenal of tools a private investigator may be able to use under certain circumstances.

Unfortunately there are still some legal issues that need to be ironed out when it comes to using GPS trackers, as in most cases the permission of the vehicle owner is required, which would negate their use. That is unless it’s an infidelity case and the wife has the legal right to grant permission.

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