This is what you need to know about a private investigator before hiring him

Many of us still want to see the best in people, in every walk of life, but the days when you could trust someone by a handshake and by their word have become decidedly rare.

There have always been and will always be those to whom lying is second nature. Unfortunately in this era of technology, dishonesty and cheating is easier to hide from anyone without the experience to dig deeper than on the surface.

Companies and individuals hire private investigators to guide them on their quest to get to the truth of any matter, both personal and on a business level.

Here are some of the reasons anyone would hire a private investigator:

  • To provide proof of infidelity, adultery and cheating, based on undercover experience on the part of the investigator
  • To carry out background checks – which include everything from background checks on potential employees to that of a planned business investment
  • To provide polygraph and lie detector services
  • To carry out internal theft investigations – a private investigator with the right level of training and investigation is able to play the role of an employee without being detected. This is where a private investigator has to have undercover experience so that the alleged perpetrator is not alerted to the investigation
  • To carry out business counterintelligence, otherwise known as CI. Counter intelligence is any evidence that’s gathered to provide businesses with in-depth information that’ll bring to light any actions that are a threat to the company. This type of investigation has become a must if the owner of any business is to have the information they need to protect themselves from anyone seeking to cause the company harm.
  • To provide due diligence services, which offer business owners, investors or lenders in-depth information that makes important business decisions based on reliable evidence

What you need to know before hiring a private investigator:

Licensing:  You need to make sure that the private investigator you are planning to hire is licensed.  Like King Investigators in Gauteng, being registered with the PSIRA assures you that you’re working with a professional that’ll stick to the principles that govern their industry. It’s easy to check these credentials here.

Level of training: You have every right to ask a private investigator about his training and about how up to date he is with the latest technology, so that he knows exactly where to look for the evidence in your particular case.

The right training also means that the PI is able to conduct covert surveillance in order to produce evidence of such a high quality that it will stand up in court if necessary.

References: Any private investigator worth his salt will be able to provide you with references from past clients and their cases similar to yours.  If he’s not able to do this or is reticent about it, rather say thank you but no thank you!

Experience: You need to make absolutely sure that the investigator has the experience to carry out an in a case like yours.  Keep in mind that a PI investigating infidelity may not be able to carry out due diligence, or vice versa.

Final reports: Make sure that the private investigator you hire will provide you with all the evidence you require, which may include time-stamped photos and video, as well as a professionally written report supporting the audio visual evidence, especially if the evidence is needed in a court case.

Finding the top private investigator in South Africa:

You couldn’t start at a better place than at King Investigators in Gauteng.  This highly trained and professional team of investigators are headed by Jacques Botha, who has been in the industry for over ten years already.

Once you’ve spoken to Jacques, you’ll find that his company meets all the criteria listed above and is able to provide an impressive list of investigative services to individuals and to businesses.

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