Want to know some of the most basic questions asked about private investigators?

Some of the questions listed here may seem somewhat irrelevant if you have a basic understanding about who and what a private investigator is, but, not everyone has this, which is why answering some of the most FAQ’s may be helpful to some.

It’s more important than you may think to know a little more about the services a private investigator offers and what to look for in a private investigator.

Choose the wrong one and you could end up with infinitely more than egg on your face!

Everything a private investigator does has to be legal and above-board for any evidence gathered to carry weight, especially if it involves a court case.

Separating myth from fact is also important. The image we’ve been fed in the movies of private detectives hiding under hats, eating junk food and smoking up a storm while on surveillance is far from what a truly experienced, professional private investigator is.

A private investigator has to dig really deep into every investigation in order to bring solid facts to the client. There are no grey areas in the world of private investigators, it either is, or it isn’t, they can’t just manufacture evidence!

Is a private investigator a specialist?

Yes, and the more experience the better.  It takes specialised training and more than just a working knowledge of investigations to make a top class private investigator, especially if it’s an investigator that offers a comprehensive range of services.

Without this type of training, along with a working knowledge of the law, a private investigator will not be able to provide results that are reliable.

Are private investigators above the law?

Nope!  While licensed private investigators do have more leeway than law enforcement agencies, they also have limits to what they can and can’t do.

Private investigators are able to assist law enforcement agencies when their training, experience and connections will take a case past the line that law enforcement agencies cannot cross.

Is there a difference between private investigators and private detectives?

They’re both the same. The term ‘private investigator’ is what is used by a regularity body such as PSIRA in South Africa to keep things simple.  Besides which, PI sounds much better than PD!

This also helps to keep the line between law enforcement agencies and private investigators clear, so that no-one is confused about which the other is.

How to find the right private investigator

This is where licencing takes first place, aside from experience. If you’ve done some basic research and narrowed down your list of private detectives, ask for a licensing number so that you can verify that they stick to the regulations of their industry.

You’ll also need to make sure that the private investigator you choose to work with has the right type of experience to tackle you case. If all the private investigator does is commercial investigations it won’t be any help if you’re looking for proof of infidelity.

Don’t be shy about asking questions about the background of the company before you go any further. A solid reputation always leads you to the best in the investigative field.

What type of services are offered by private investigators

A truly experienced private investigator will be able to do a cross-over of services, ranging from business intelligence to due diligence investigations, and from proof of infidelity to employee background checks.

Make sure the private investigator you hire has the ability to offer services that cover both commercial and individual clients, as this is where many PI’s show the extent of their training and experience.

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