What can King Investigators do to root out white collar crime in the workplace?

Unfortunately the age of trusting private investigations firms such as King Investigators with in-depth background checks into employees is upon us.

With the technology available today, anyone with half a brain can manufacture a past that looks really great on paper, but what of the truth behind it?

People in some of the highest positions of power in business and in politics have been found to have done far more than embroider on their achievements and qualifications, they’ve actually claimed to have degrees that were never earned.

If people on this level can pull the wool over the eyes of those who employ them, how much more can any employee, in any position do to fool you?

A complete downturn in the economy coupled with high unemployment rates has made even the most honest susceptible to criminal activities in the workplace, driven by desperation.

In-depth background checks are important, but once an employee is in a position of trust, it gets difficult to put your finger on why it is that you feel that something isn’t right.

Rather than absorbing the cost of ‘small’ crimes in the workplace, nip it in the bud by doing something about it the moment anything seems out of place.

A background check is a good start:

Not all companies that fire staff for theft will bother to take the matter any further than the dismissal itself.  This means that the next employer will be blissfully unaware of the true background of the person being considered for a position in their company.

This is a situation that happens a lot in positions that involve those handling stock, whether in a warehouse or on the floor of a retail store.

Trusting staff with sensitive company data:

With the growth in technology, white collar crimes, including computer fraud, which currently cost South African businesses around R40 billion a year, are on the increase.

If you open up sensitive company information to someone newly appointed to a position of trust, best you know exactly who’ll be sitting in that hot seat!

This is how confidential client information is stolen and sold for a price, and this is also how syndicates get someone into a position of trust in order to steal company secrets about any new developments in products.

There’s a whole world of corporate espionage out there that’s alive and well. What’s important is to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases by regularly reviewing the staff who have access to this type of data.

Enlist the help of a trusted private investigator to uncover proof of white collar crime and corporate fraud:

King Investigators has become a valuable resource for many clients who’re determined to protect sensitive information about their companies, as well as to root out theft and fraud.

Without keeping the small things in check, your company stands to lose far more than money, it also means that your reputation could be smeared to the extent that no one will do business with you again!

As the top investigative firm in South Africa, King Investigators bring over 20 years’ worth of experience to bear when investigating crime in the workplace.

If you need irrefutable proof of any employee theft, fraud or embezzlement, King Investigators know exactly how to go about providing you with proof of exactly what’s happening in your business.

Whether yours in small business or a major corporation, you know that you can’t afford the accumulated damage that unchecked crimes in the workplace can cause.

It’s important to consider the real value of retaining a trusted investigative company like King Investigators as a partner in keeping your company safe from crime.

Contact King Investigators the next time you need proof that’ll protect your company from any unnecessary losses and to retain the integrity of your name.


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