What is a Due Diligence Investigation & who to trust with it?

Looking at the overall picture of what a Due Diligence Investigation is, one can see that it’s one of the most important things any company can do to protect itself in the process of a merger or the acquisition of a new company.

There are various issues that come into the picture before any merger can be considered and before any papers are signed. It’s a huge risk for any business to enter into a merger or the acquisition of what may be a company in direct competition, without having every single fact in hand.

It’s the larger company that has to make sure that a Due Diligence Investigation is carried out in order to weed out the possibility that they may end up on the wrong side of books that have been ‘fixed’ to look great!

Anything fraudulent about the company to be merged with will come out in the wash of a painstaking Due Diligence Investigation.

The components that make up an in-depth Due Diligence Investigation:


It’s essential to make sure that any and all paperwork pertaining to any merger or acquisition are correctly signed and recorded so that none of these issues will cause any delays due to legalities that still need to be resolved in order to go forward with the deal.


Is the company you’re merging with or acquiring really making the profits they say they are, or have these numbers been fudged in the face of losses?  You need to know exactly what’s going on with the numbers you’re presented with, which will require in depth investigation.

This type of investigation has to be carried out by a private investigator well-versed in the nuances of everything that could be hidden by the company you are acquiring or merging with.

To get to the bottom of the financial picture you’re presented with will take the services of a private investigator who can call on many resources unavailable to you in gathering business intelligence.

Credit worthiness:

You need to have a clear picture of the integrity of good corporate governance and credit worthiness of any company you’re acquiring or merging with in order to make a sound decision.

This is fundamental to making a good investment for the future of your company and well worth the scrutiny a private investigator is able to carry out on your behalf, before you commit to anything.

Let King Investigators provide you with a complete, in-depth Due Diligence Investigation:

King Investigators is considered the best investigative firm in South Africa, and to back this up, this team of experienced professional investigators will provide you with the peace of mind you need when making big business transactions.

They’ll present you with a comprehensive, fully developed profile of the company you’re considering merging with or acquiring, making sure you have all the relevant information that’ll protect you from the outset of the transaction.

King Investigators will meet your specific requirements and budget in their ability to tailor their services to meet your objectives, as well as to offer complete discretion as they carry out the investigation.

This top team of investigators want to know that when you do commit to any business transaction, you’ll do it knowing every detail about the company you’re considering to make it a successful transaction.

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