What to Do If Someone Is Harassing You by Text or Email

Harassment has become a common issue with the advancement of technology. It has become easier to bully people from behind a computer or smartphone screen.

One thing you have to remember is that is isn’t your fault. You are being harassed which makes you the victim. Feeling helpless is natural but it’s important to know that there is something you can do to stop the harassment.

What Is Harassing Behaviour?

From a legal point of view, harassing behaviour is any behaviour that seems threatening or disturbing. Sexual harassment occurs when someone constantly tries to make unwanted advances towards you and refusal will have a dangerous result. More often than not, this happens in the workplace.

Emotional harassment suggests the constant occurrence of non-physical intimidation, control, punishment, humiliation or fear.

3 Steps You Can Take to Stop Harassment

Step 1: Record and organise texts or emails

You need to have a backup of emails and texts if you want someone to investigate the harassment. Take a screenshot of every message your taunter sends as well as the reply where you tell them to stop the harassment.

Contact your cell phone provider to get and ask them for a copy of your text message information. They keep a record of the number of texts sent and received by a specific number.

Organise the information you’ve collected into a simple format to make it easy for the investigator to understand. Always create a duplicate folder for yourself.

Step 2: Report harassment to the police

Go to your local police station with your information folder. Ask to speak to a detective, not an officer. Officers only respond to suspicious activities while detectives are able to investigate cases. If there isn’t a detective, ask for a business card or number and give them a call. If it’s your child that’s being harassed, you can report it on their behalf.

Step 3: Hire a private investigator

Get help from a private investigator if the local police can’t help you. Private investigators have extensive experience with harassment cases and their goal is to stop the harassment but also to identify the criminal. By doing this, they can share the information with the police. This part is vital to obtaining and enforcing court orders that will end the harassment.

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