Why choose King Investigators in Pretoria & Johannesburg to handle your case.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has been in the investigations industry for over ten years, bringing to every case a commitment to professionalism and honesty that offers a fresh perspective of what a private investigator really should be.

Jacques and his team of investigators have all put their time in to earn the high level of training that allows them to be effective investigators, able to guarantee absolute satisfaction with results produced for every client at the conclusion of any investigation.

Reputation is everything in this industry that has often been painted in a negative light, and King Investigators is totally dedicated to upholding the reputable name that has been earned by this team throughout the years, without compromise.

King Investigators also keep up with everything that involves the technological aspect of an investigation.  This is essential due to the ever-increasing sophistication of the latest spyware and tracking devices, surveillance equipment and cell phone monitoring equipment, among others.

It’s impossible to carry out an effective investigation without the latest technological tools and know-how today, and to this end, King Investigators has a finger on the pulse of every new gadget that is given the okay for use.

What’s also very important to many types of investigation, is that King Investigators has developed a massive network of professional investigative associates internationally and throughout South Africa.

These professional connections are what allow King Investigators to cross borders internationally to carry out investigations, as well as to act as support for international investigators requiring a trusted investigator on the ground in South Africa.

As registered members of PSIRA, which is the body that governs the security industry, clients can rely on King Investigators to avoid gathering any evidence through misrepresentation, entrapment or invasion of privacy, which would jeopardise the investigation.

King Investigators is able to offer competitive pricing, arrived at with absolute transparency through standing by their commitment to operating out of honesty and integrity at the highest level.

They know that any evidence gathered, whether for personal or business reasons, may need to stand up to scrutiny in court, and are not willing to waste anyone’s time or money on a phony investigation.

Because King Investigators is a licenced investigative firm, they are able to go where private individuals are unable to, in order to gather evidence pertinent to each case presented to the team.

Surveillance isn’t something the man in the street can carry out effectively without being caught at it by the subject under surveillance. Surveillance is an art, and only a professional will be able to do it without letting the subject of investigation be any the wiser.

For instance, during the investigation into a cheating spouse in South Africa, the client would be put in a compromising situation if the partner being investigated becomes aware that they’re under surveillance.

Investigations of any kind are always a delicate matter, whether it’s an investigation into infidelity or investigating a possible new board member or business partner, and each case brought to King Investigators is treated with the utmost discretion.

Professionalism, experience, integrity, honesty and a commitment to a strict code of ethics is the bottom line at King Investigators, and it is the combination of all these ingredients that make this the team to trust with your investigation.



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